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Why hurt those poor little puppies, right?! Those scary snarls and the catchy theme song have got us hooked, though. Check our list of the most popular Disney villains here. Coming from a meerkat and a pig - a warthog, rather - this catchphrase gave us a boost when the going gets tough. Overall, the Lion King is one of the most well-loved Disney movies of all time. Timon and Pumbaa were carefree and funny jungle dwellers who took in Simba after he was driven out of Pride Lands by his own uncle.

The presence of this duo made heavy scenes in The Lion King bearable if we might add. Olaf is the reason why we all want to build a snowman! Created by Elsa and Anna when they were young, Olaf then became a fragment of their imagination up until he magically formed while Queen Elsa was fleeing in the woods. He can be a bit naive at times, but this innocent and good-natured character made him a trusted friend to the sisters. Stitch resembles a koala and acts quite mischievously all the time.

Despite her rough character, she is a devoted friend to everyone she loves, eventually accepting Wendy and her brothers as members of the team. He is a stuffed cowboy rag doll tagged as one of the toy leaders in the movies. Woody is old-fashioned and skeptical most of the time, but this changed when he became friends with Buzz Lightyear. Their adventures together with the other toys were mostly out-of-this-world yet very heart-warming.

Since his debut in Toy Story, Woody remained one of the most beloved Disney personas today. Baloo stuck with Mowgli and accompanied him in his misadventures right until he found the right home. As one of the best characters, Jiminy teaches us to listen to the voice of reason as we journey towards achieving our dreams. We think Chip from the Beauty and the Beast film is the cutest Disney character. No wonder Belle got smitten with him as soon as they met. Pumbaa, the warthog from The Lion King hold the honor of being the first-ever character to fart in a Disney film.

His weird diet of bugs and worms might have something to do with it. Snow White lived, of course. Princess Jasmine is thought to be the most beautiful character in the Disney world. Over time, new characters will surface and capture your heart the way these iconic and classic characters did. Ariel taught us that true love exists. For your favorite Disney toys and memorabilia, check out our Disney collection here.

See Product Details. Free U. View All Featured Brands. Shop Plush Toys. Shop Games. More from the blog. How Does Adventure Time End? Home Trending Geek. The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Sherry Lynn [5]. The Little Mermaid. Greg Germann [6]. Agent Wendy Pleakley.

Kevin McDonald [7]. Ajax the Gorilla. James McDonald. Donald Duck and the Gorilla. John Abbott [8]. The Jungle Book. Thurl Ravenscroft [9]. Sweeney [10]. Scott Weinger Brad Kane [3]. Randy Quaid [11].

Home on the Range. Roger Miller [12]. Kimmy Robertson [5]. Barbara Barrie [13]. Star vs. Kathryn Beaumont [14]. Alice in Wonderland. Heather Angel [14]. Carole Shelley [2]. Jack Albertson [15]. The Fox and the Hound. Hal Holbrook [13]. Anastasia Tremaine. Lucille Bliss [16]. The Ghost and Molly McGee. Tara Strong. Campbell Grant [17]. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Muppet Babies. Lisa Davis [18].

Kristen Bell. Brenda Song. Debi Derryberry [19]. House of Mouse. Keith David [13]. Grey DeLisle Mona Marshall. Pinto Colvig [20]. The Three Caballeros. The Archdeacon. David Ogden Stiers [4]. Nigel Hawthorne [21].

Junius Matthews [22]. The Sword in the Stone. Jodi Benson. Kimmy Robertson. Jo Anne Worley [23]. Beauty and the Beast. Rickie Sorensen [22]. Richard Reitherman [22]. Robert Reitherman [22]. David Lander. Jeff Bennett [24]. Paddi Edwards [13].

Kari Wahlgren. Estelle Harris [11]. Jacqueline Obradors [25]. Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Verna Felton [26]. Wendie Malick [24]. Kathy Najimy [24]. Mary Costa [27]. Sleeping Beauty. Jeff Bennett. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. Martin Short. Treasure Planet [28]. Mary Kay Bergman [23]. Tress MacNeille. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Babyface Beagle. Terry McGovern. Backwoods Beagle. Danny Mann [29]. Bacon Beagle. Baggy Beagle. Frank Welker. Sebastian Cabot [8]. Tim Gunn. Alex Murphey [23]. Rob Paulsen. Phil Harris [8]. Donnie Dunagan [30]. Hardie Albright [30]. Alexander Gould. Paula Winslowe [30] Carolyn Hennesy. Cheech Marin [31]. The Lion King. Bankjob Beagle. Peter Cullen. Barrie Ingham [32]. The Great Mouse Detective. Scotty Mattraw [33]. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Joan Plowright [10]. Scott Adsit [34].

Dal McKennon. Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Haley Joel Osment. The Country Bears. Robby Benson [23]. Stan Freberg [26]. Paige O'Hara [23]. Billy Connolly [35]. An Extremely Goofy Movie. Dean Clark [2]. Bob Newhart [36]. The Rescuers. Big Bad Wolf. Three Little Pigs. Pearl Bailey [15]. Bigtime Beagle. Larry Grey [14]. Thurl Ravenscroft [2]. Patrick McGoohan [28]. Kath Soucie [23]. Binky Beagle. Thurl Ravenscroft [22]. Nick Swardson [6].

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. Evelyn Venable [37]. John Travolta [6]. Bomber Beagle. Robert Ridgely [29]. Alvin Epstein [23]. Paul Winchell [15]. Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. Raya and the Last Dragon. Bouncer Beagle. Stephen J. Anderson [38]. Nick Stewart [39]. James Baskett [39]. Roy Glenn [40]. Johnny Lee , [39] James Baskett.

Kristen Johnston April Winchell. Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil. Jimmy MacDonald [16] Frank Welker. Peter Siragusa [10]. Jimmy MacDonald. Cuba Gooding Jr. Garry Marshall [1]. Silly Symphonies. Bob Bergen [41]. The Emperor's New Groove. Michael Colyar [42]. The Princess and the Frog. Bugle Beagle. Burger Beagle. Butch the Bulldog. Ralph Breaks the Internet. Pat O'Malley [8]. Lillias White [13]. Thurl Ravenscroft [18]. Emma Thompson [28].

Captain Hook. Hans Conried [43]. Captain John Smith. Mel Gibson [35]. Kevin Kline [4]. Harland Williams [38]. Carlotta the Maid. Edie McClurg [5]. Pat O'Malley [14]. Margaret Wright [44]. Maya Rudolph [34]. Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. The Caterpillar. Richard Haydn [14]. Noreen Gammill [44]. Kellyann Kelso [41]. Bernard Fox [36]. Jennifer Cody [42]. Rob Paulsen Jim Cummings. Timon and Pumbaa. Brian Cummings [23].

Chef Louis. Sterling Holloway [14]. James Hong [45]. Wendie Malick [41]. Zach Braff [1]. Pat Buttram [15]. Russell Means [35]. Jerry Tondo [45]. James MacDonald. Chip Potts. Bradley Michael Pierce [23]. Bruce Reitherman [46]. Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree. Ilene Woods [16]. Brian Blessed [21]. Jodi Benson [37]. Thomas [13]. Cloak and Dagger. Paul Kandel [4]. Amanda Plummer [13].

The Coachman. Charles Judels [37]. Ving Rhames [7]. Adam Ryen [47]. The Rescuers Down Under. David Ogden Stiers [23]. Kath Soucie [19]. Pat O'Malley [18]. James Garner [25]. Jim Varney [25]. Corey Feldman [15] Kurt Russell [15]. Tom Selleck [38]. Randy Newman [42]. Belle's Magical World. Phil Fondacaro [48]. The Black Cauldron. Betty Lou Gerson [18]. Robert Ellis [43]. Pat O'Malley [17]. Clarence Nash Gloria Blondell. Freddie Jones [48].

Cliff Edwards [49] [50]. Return to Never Land. Peggy Lee [26]. Jason Scott Lee [7]. Hall Johnson [51]. Wayne Knight [13]. Jason Raize [52]. Carl Weintraub [53]. Clarence Nash Russi Taylor. Dub Taylor [36]. Dinah the Dachshund. The Sleepwalker. Richard Bakalyan [15]. James Lipton [6]. The Fox and the Hound 2. Lord Tim Hudson [8].

Roy Atwell [33]. Bernard Fox [47]. Billy Joel [53]. The Dodo. Bill Thompson [14]. Jeff Bennett [19]. John Byner [48]. Clarence Nash Tony Anselmo. The Wise Little Hen. Joseph Kearns [14]. Don Barclay [16]. Eddie Collins [33]. Jim Carmichael [54]. Ethan Sandler [38]. The Dormouse. Jimmy MacDonald [14].

Malcolm McDowell [6]. David Q. Val Bettin [32]. David Hyde Pierce [28]. Keith David [42]. Ronn Moss [6]. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Jeff Bennett [55]. Phil Morris [25]. David Ogden Stiers [7]. Drake Mallard Darkwing Duck. Jim Cummings. Drizella Tremaine. Rhoda Williams [16] Russi Taylor. Eva Gabor [2]. Marjorie Bennett [18]. One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Jim Cummings [31]. Roddy Maude-Roxby [2]. Della Reese [10]. Ralph Wright [46]. Richard Mulligan [53]. El Capitan. John Goodman [42].

Jeanette Nolan [36]. Pete's Dragon. Elmer Elephant. Emperor of China. Pat Morita [45]. The Enchantress. Kath Soucie. Demi Moore [4]. Oprah Winfrey [42]. Eugene Fitzherbert. Zachary Levi [56]. Jimmy MacDonald [36]. Fa Li. Freda Foh Shen [45]. Fa Zhou. Soon-Tek Oh [45]. Dom DeLuise [53]. Fairy Godmother. Verna Felton [16] Russi Taylor. Cammie King [30] Ann Gillis [30]. Carla Meyer [47]. Fat Cat. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. Ben Wright [8]. James Baskett [57]. Barbara Jo Allen [27].

Frank Welker [32]. Fenton Crackshell Gizmoduck. David Ogden Stiers [25]. Ferdie Fieldmouse. Mickey's Steam Roller. Nigel Hawthorne [48]. Candy Candido [32]. Fife the Piccolo. Fifi the Featherduster. Kimmy Robertson [23]. Journey into Imagination with Figment. Tommy "Tiny" Lister Jr.

First Ancestor Fa. George Takei [45]. The Firebird. Dan Molina [1]. Chad Stuart [8]. Frank Welker [35]. Verna Felton [27]. Flotsam and Jetsam. Paddi Edwards [5]. Jason Marin [5]. Stan Alexander [30] Sterling Holloway [30]. Leo De Lyon [8]. Forte the Pipe Organ. Amy Sedaris [1]. Roscoe Lee Browne [53]. Bronson Pinchot [19]. Ed Gilbert [47]. Wayne Robson [47]. Aurian Redson [38]. Nicole Sullivan [38]. Miller [34].

Andy Devine [12]. Will Wright [30]. Nancy Kulp [2]. Gadget Hackwrench. Corey Burton [25]. Kevin Michael Richardson [7]. Richard White [23]. General Li. James Shigeta [45]. Robin Williams [3]. George Darling. Charles Lane [2]. Bette Midler [53].

Christian Rub [37]. Dorothy Scott [44]. Mel Blanc [37]. Matt Chapman Eric Bauza. Jeffrey Tambor Keith David. Go Go Tomago. Jamie Chung [34]. Matthew Josten [38]. Pinto Colvig Bill Farmer. Mark Walton [1]. Howard Morris Michael Gough [46]. Governor John Ratcliffe. David Ogden Stiers [35]. Jennifer Tilly [11]. Larry Clemmons [36]. Grand Councilwoman. Zoe Caldwell [7]. Luis van Rooten [16] Rob Paulsen. Grandmother Fa. June Foray [45]. Linda Hunt [35]. Fred Shields [30]. Ben Wright [5]. Pinto Colvig [33].

Jimmy MacDonald [16] Corey Burton. Donald's Cousin Gus. James Woods [13]. Michael McShane [28]. Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. Otis Harlan [33]. Harold the Seahorse. Will Ryan [5]. James Avery. Aladdin TV series. Corey Burton [42]. Claudia Christian [25]. Jerry Kernion [42]. Samantha Eggar [13]. Tate Donovan [13] Joshua Keaton [13]. Paul Shaffer [13]. Alan Young [32]. Ryan Potter [34].

Lord Tim Hudson [2]. Genesis Rodriguez [34]. Honker Muddlefoot. Brad Garrett [56]. Tress MacNeille [24]. Frederick Worlock [18] J. Walt Disney Bill Farmer. The Plow Boy. The Horned King. John Hurt [48]. Jason Alexander [4]. Stuart Buchanan [33]. Jimmy MacDonald Jim Cummings. Gilbert Gottfried [3]. Kevin Michael Richardson [42]. Princess and the Frog The Princess and the Frog '.

Candy Candido [43]. Audubon Woodlore. Bill Thompson. Grin and Bear It. Eric Blore [17]. Walter Catlett [37]. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jimmy MacDonald [16] Rob Paulsen. Jonathan Freeman [3]. Tristan Rogers [47]. Minnie Driver [21]. Joe Flaherty [11]. Natalie Gregory [53]. Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Lee Millar [26].

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