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When you adapt, it means that you are handling and finding ways to deal with your crazy wife. When you block someone, you are not aiming to solve the problem. You are only deceiving yourself that nothing is wrong. Fading away in your relationship will not just hurt your wife. It will also be devastating to your kids. Confront the problem instead of avoiding it. This will be better for your family in the long run.

Take a look at your situation from her perspective. What drives her mad? Is it about not having enough time for her? Is it about not texting or calling her when you are at work? Is she not trusting you and accusing you of having extramarital affairs? Some crazy wives become such because of a particular reason. The past may have turned her into something that she was not before. An unknown text from a woman, an overly career-oriented husband, or a hobbies-first wife-second priority list may have transformed her into the crazy wife she is now.

If you can, resolve current conflicts. Give the time that she is asking for. Text and call her numerous times a day. Be transparent with your social media accounts, your phone, and your emails. If she sees that you have changed, her craziness may subside and eventually vanish in the near future. Do not take her craziness lightly. It is affecting your relationship with her whether you are acknowledging it or not. At the first instance that you feel that she is going all-out crazy with you, you must tell her how you feel about it.

You can be brutally honest with her without using harsh words. Tell her about specific instances that you see her crazy side. Talk about what you can do to deal with this issue. One or both of you should not walk away when discussing this concern. You may not find a solution in one sitting, but you should make sure to fix this as soon as you can. When you start dealing with your crazy wife, you should be ready to accept some defeat at the start. People who are confronted with a personal problem often retaliate at first because they feel that they are being humiliated.

Let the issue marinate in her mind. Once she gathers her thoughts and become rational again, she will start to realize the things that she does incorrectly. Do not let her feel condemned. Reiterate your goal of repairing the issue and tell her that you only want your relationship to thrive. Now that she is aware of some of her behaviors, you can set boundaries in order to stop the craziness right from the start. These boundaries should be agreed upon by both of you.

When you are the only one setting limitations, then she will still step on these restrictions. The boundaries should respect both of you in the marriage. It should maintain your connection but not disregard your individualities. The boundaries should be a warning to both of you that stops you in your tracts and makes you evaluate what you are currently doing.

Once you start fixing the problem, you should be consistent in resolving it. The issue of the crazy wife cannot be fully repaired if you are not intentional about it. You should maintain awareness in the situation and be sure to pinpoint specific actions that should be corrected.

By telling her the things that she needs to fix, you are also helping her to stay cool and take things as they come without overthinking. Patience is indeed a virtue. It comes in all shapes and sizes. It is given to some and withheld from others.

If you want to restore your relationship and effectively handle your crazy wife situation, you have to be patient with her. Even if you are angry with her, do not shout. If she becomes disrespectful, respect her still. She will only let down her defenses if you do not retaliate.

If you and your partner have not had shared a story in days or even weeks, something is wrong somehow. Perhaps the craziness that you are sensing is not just emanating from her but from the two of you. Talk to her. It does not matter if you are the guy and she is the lady. If you care, you sometimes have to take the first step in a conversation.

It could save your relationship, and it may even potentially save a life. Do not get into the conversation with guns a-blazing. You are not there to confront. Tell her that you are genuinely concerned about the current situation. If you have kids, you know that you two should try to figure things out.

You can consider it one good thing in your life right now if she is still willing to have a discussion. If she were truly crazy, she would not even talk to you. She may not even be coherent. I know. You really do not believe your wife is crazy in the psychiatric sense. However, you never know. After all, anxiety and depression are real mental illnesses. Even body dysmorphic disorder is one, as well. Perhaps your wife is feeling the strain of being in her thirties or forties?

Is she comparing herself to younger, slimmer models she reads about in magazines? A therapist may more likely get more information from her than you. She will fight it off — maybe. She may welcome it. Tell her just how important the marriage is to you. Go down from your pedestal and admit that you are not perfect, but you want to be the best husband. Therefore, you two need to get checked as a couple. No matter what the diagnosis may be like, the first thing that you must do is to remind yourself that this is your wife.

You love her. This is why you are in this relationship in the first place. Why would you be affected by her issues? Why would you care about what she has been shouting at you? Even if there is doubt in our mind, know that the decent thing to do is stand by her as she goes through one of her possibly greatest challenges. Do not call her names. This is not a respectful term, we have to admit.

But this is a term that you thought of because you were also feeling hurt. You may still be upset. There is a part of you that wonders why your wife is not behaving according to expectation. If she is going through perimenopause or menopause and is truly struggling, have her checked by a doctor. Find out if there are ways to ease the effects of hormonal imbalance. If she has a mental illness, stick with her. Get her checked. Know that depression and anxiety are real diagnoses.

These are not just fake issues that women use to make themselves invincible during fights. Do not give up on the relationship. You know better. You have been informed about what your wife is going through. How do you get her up from that mire? So, yes, be there for her. Let her see that she is not alone. When she realizes that you are fighting with her and not against her, there is a strong chance that her moods will improve. Despite this, though, you must set your boundaries.

Be honest about what you are feeling. Tell your wife that you are willing to stick with her, but she also needs to remember that you are human. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. There is that question. But what are you really trying to describe? Are you ready to find out the truth? How do you label her as crazy? It seems husbands tend to call their wives crazy when they: Do not agree with them willingly Are easy to anger Complain about every little thing Are very moody Are physically or emotionally abusive e. It depends on the partnership. What was your relationship not so long ago? Why do you think she is behaving that way?

The first thing that you must examine is yourself. Have you been treating your wife as fairly as possible? Have you done anything to upset her lately? Are you the only one she is acting crazy with? Have you ever had an affair — and then she found out about it? Have you always had a strained relationship as a couple? Would you say your marriage is a happy one — or not? Has she always been like that as a girlfriend? Did you only live together after you were married? What about her previous family life?

Here are more questions that you can explore: Has her family life been a little strange, as well? Does she have problems dealing with her emotions? Did she have a mom who succumbed to the same rollercoaster of emotions? Did she have an absentee dad? Was there violence in her family? Ask yourself the following: Is my wife between the ages 35 to 45? Then, it might be perimenopause. So, she is getting used to the change of hormone levels.

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The true nature of a woman only comes out after marriage.

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