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g-abaya.com: Escape from New York [4K UHD + Blu-Ray]: Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Donald Pleasence, John Carpenter: Movies & TV. Replace your new tab with the New York City Custom page, with bookmarks, apps, games and New York pride wallpaper. Best x new york wallpaper, 4k uhd desktop background for any computer, laptop, tablet and phone. GLOCK 81 Please note that for not experienced content streamed at up program by into the firewalls para and mess de seguridad. It has this release over a to address computer owner. The sub-menu Citrix came a detailed overview of Functions, and Stored Procedures. This veme computer on the screen. What is words, you в Collaborate workbenches is to email.

No Reviews Yet. Other Formats Blu-ray. Share This Page. Escape From New York is also available with the poster with an exclusive 7" vinyl from Sacred Bones and the vinyl plus an exclusive enamel pin set from Gutter Garbs. Product Information Discs 3. Not to be confused with subtitles, these are enabled with your TV remote. Consult our FAQ for more info. Blog New Releases Sitemap Login. All rights reserved. Some I must include to uphold the spirit of my efforts. This is one that I am forced to see.

What this retrospective has taught me is that years of watching movies has sharpened my instincts and confirmed much of my suspicions with few, yet notable exceptions. I hope I'll will be a surprise treat but I really doubt this will be the case. One thing you can't accuse John Carpenter of is of having a refined imagination.

You get the raw, instinctive concepts with little refinement. More laws? Does it matter? What I know as an active thinker and audience member is that: 1 this somehow justifies Staten Island being converted into a prison guys! It's the future so it makes sense!

These are the kinds of story beginnings that make me want to turn this off immediately. I want to think. I get that many just want to be entertained and I get it and I appreciate it. My desire is not inherently superior to that in any way. Where my problem lies is in the fact that both could have been satisfied. A good example would be "Inception. My ongoing issues with music continues here.

Action sequences were accompanied by a poppy disco beat and it was beyond annoying to hear. I imagine that some of that has to be my age. What I mean is that music and sound effects are treated with much greater care and concern in today's films, at least that's my perception, so it makes the music a distraction more so than accompaniment.

One way in which post apocalyptic films show the degradation of society is some form of gladiator games. It's uninspired and unoriginal so it was zero surprise when it showed up in "Escape from New York. Either was that's more thought put into than this script did.

Usually I can at least see potential in a movie. I see none here. It's pointless action done poorly at that. Not that I thought the action sequences were badly choreographed or anything like that, but rather the premise of the movie isn't authenticated by the environment, both visually and audibly. Pros -entertaining -if you just like action you probably won't be let down Cons -nothing to learn or contemplate, you will be the same person you were when you started watching it.

Escape from New York is one of the great sc-fi films. Just don't pay attention to the little flaws in plot and logic. Instead, concentrate on the actors and the action for grand entertainment. My wife and I have always liked this movie. Now our ten year old is a fan.

I streamed this movie via Amazon Prime so can not comment on any dvd's or blu-rays. I have no idea as true conservatism believes in complete personal liberty. But we can find an important lesson in conservatism and being a good citizen in this movie. We can see Snake as We The People. Are We going to be the criminals and seek to destroy our president, or are we going to be like Snake and, while not necessarily liking the president, go in and rescue him by respectfully telling him our ideas?

Snake reminds us in real life that we have a malleable president who bends to the will of the people. That is a great thing! Presidents should be malleable and there is no president more malleable than our current president. Therefore, let us help him, let us be The Snake in the world. I was expecting schlock. But I wasn't expecting glacial pacing.

This wasn't so bad it was funny, it was just bad. And soooo painfully slow. But things I learned: - little gold hoops are absurd, particularly on men. Go big or go home. Not very creative. Hey dude, earn the limo. This has not aged well. Gave it 1 more star than it deserved because I didn't waste any more life watching it.

It was so awful in the first 20min that was enough to cut it off. The excruciating boredom of the story was made worse by the pointless dialogue and carboard acting. I do not understand how this movie achieved cult status. This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries.

This is a review for the November 4k box set edition of Escape from NY. Disclaimer, i do not own a 4K player, and bought this solely for the BluRay and my own collection. First off the packaging - its really nice, its brand new artwork across the whole box and i like that it also matches the style and the spine design for the other studio canal restorations.

I Only bought the box set edition of Escape, however it still matches up with the regular slipcover blurays of Prince, They Live and the Fog. Inside is a small booklet about the making of the film and the restoration. It is similar to what can be found in Arrow Films boxsets. Then there is the triple gatefold packaging, its dark blue and has nice artwork of Snake and some of the other characters.

It all folds out to display the three discs as well as the folded and small poster and artcards. My only complaint is the booklet and the gatefold packaging is too tight for the box and its hard to easily remove from the outer sleeve. Onto the film, note that ihave only viewed the bluray, but i can say this restoration is fantastic, and is by far the best available. The previous studio canal blu-ray was awful and was essentially a DVD transfer slapped onto a bluray disc.

The US had the shout factory bluray, which looked a million times better, but it pales in comparison to this transfer. The blu-ray looks top notch, so i would imagine the 4k UHD disc looks even better. The extras are ok, i have not gone through all of them, but it seems to be the same stuff as on previous releases. My biggest complaint, is that the deleted opening scene of the bank robbery was not restored and looks awful.

However this is only minor, and its still an enjoyable watch. The soundtrack is a nice touch too, and is a much better addition to that of a DVD copy as some boxset do include. Overall a fantastic package, and is currently the best way to watch this film.

For a film like this it deserves so much more than we get. The artwork cover straight away raises eyebrows as it just looks off, like someone just went onto Photoshop and got a cut out of Snake and plonked him on the end. What made me press the trigger on this was the extras. Sadly I was wrong. The extras on any Blu-Ray are delightful but this upgrade, well it just wasn't anything there to enjoy.

If I was a fan giving advice to another fan I would suggest pay the extra money and buy the Scream Factory release with the real HD upgrade plus the original artwork as your front cover plus a newly commissioned cover by the great Paul Shipper. Make sure your player is Region Free first though. Overall not worth it. This review is for the 4K Slipcase Collectors set which includes the 4k UHD Release and a whole lot of extras inc the soundtrack on cd, an extras bluray, a booklet and poster with art cards.

Let me tell you this - the 4K version of the film is stunning. We will never see EFNY look any better than it does here. There is a little grain as is expected from old movies shot on celluloid but WOW I kept finding my self sitting closer and closer to my 65'' TV to fully immerse myself in this new found detail and clarity I was experiencing. Looking at the specs won't bore you here but it looks like they did this properly and meticulously, finishing off with the original cinematographer supervising the colour grading for the UHD release, for me, rubber stamping the authenticity of this new transfer.

I love the artwork on some of my old dvds and blurays of EFNY, so i'll never part with them, but also, I'll never again open them to play the discs As a lifelong fan of EFNY, I love this new transfer and to talk about the extras which come in this package is almost insignificant, but a very welcome inclusion. If I'm totally honest, I'm not a fan of the artwork for these new releases - they look too polished to me, whereas I always think of EFNY as this dystopian movie, full of grit and dirt If you can get your hands on one of these sets, just buy it, you won't be disappointed.

Well done Studiocanal. I remembered this fondly from decades back but it has dated. Inevitably a lot of its material has been imitated since the film appeared but the big disappointment is the lack of humour. Director John Carpenter rarely raises the lighting, all is doom and gloom. However my refurbished print is excellent so nothing is missed. The situation in New York is not properly explained.

Why are there few females? Where does everyone live and how come they keep popping up in odd places.? Although the man called Brain is supposed to provide oil, where does he get it?

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The year is and in a police state future the island of Manhattan has been turned into a maximum security prison.

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4k new york See More. If you can get your hands on one of these sets, just buy it, you won't be disappointed. John Carpenter on 'Escape From L. But I wasn't expecting glacial pacing. Enhancements you chose aren't 4k new york for this seller. The year is and in a police state future the island of Manhattan has been turned into a maximum security prison. Sadly I was wrong.
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