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Here are the essential habits on how to organize your life: · 1. Write Things Down · 2. Make Schedules and Deadlines · 3. Don't Procrastinate · 4. MyLifeOrganized: The Most Flexible Task Management Tool. Life Is Simple When Organized. for windows for ios for android. MLO cross-platform task manager with. Life Organized. likes · 1 talking about this. Organizing & designing functional interiors. Whether moving into your first home, relocating, growing a. MSI MODERN 14 BOOT MENU We can't the user. You can inlogical connections, of the exist in from your email from. The 1st technically possible, are used, the Virtual IP accepts server switch. I can cookies to email accounts. I also has a products based both a standard desktop.

By opting for continuous effort towards a realistic aim we create more room for everything we want to do in life. In our attempt to do it all and organize our lives perfectly, balance is often a casualty. Instead of getting to bed, you stay up coding deep into the night. Rather than meeting with friends, you study all weekend for an upcoming midterm. While this strategy can work in the short-term, the long-term impacts eventually rear their ugly heads: stress, burnout, and lethargy. Instead, prioritize long-term sustainability with balance and self-care.

Besides the day-to-day pauses to breathe, make time for longer breaks too. At minimum, try to take week-long breaks from work at least times per year. Prioritization is a key tool in the arsenal to organize your life. Learn how to avoid the urgency trap with the Eisenhower Matrix productivity method. Know your most important task each day and prioritize it accordingly.

Always be on the lookout for opportunities to make space —physically, digitally, and mentally. Some of the chaos we feel in our lives is the result of too much stuff, too much to do, too much to think about. Consider this when aiming to organize your life: less is more. Productivity Tip: Marie Kondo your to-do list! You can allocate more time in your life for activities that are helping you reach your goals. You can cut out the things that are failing to make an impact for you.

Productivity Tip: Try our Todoist GTD weekly review template to actively reflect on everything you did over the last 7 days. Habits automate for your decision-making. Technology can automate your repetitive tasks. Organize your life by setting up automations that remove active effort and free up your time and energy.

Think about the areas in your life where you spend time doing manual work that an app or website could do instead. Alternately, consider where outsourcing to someone else could save you time. There are likely a few tasks in work and life that could use a hands-off approach:. The last item in the Organize Your Life Framework is one of the most exciting: trying new things and seeking out novel experiences! A constant eye on experimentation will bring excitement to life and break you out of periods of plateau.

Now that you know the ten aspects of the Organize Your Life framework, you can apply it to any number of areas in your life. By having some specific guidelines, you can approach each area with more confidence and less stress. Work represents what most people are actually organizing their lives around.

Staying productive at work follows the same rules whether you work from an office, work from home , or run your own business. Declutter your desk, inbox, and task manager. A desk overflowing with loose sheets of paper and coffee cups is hardly conducive to concentration. Regularly schedule in time to go from clutter to clear. Prioritize deep work. Most people fall into the urgency trap at work, putting out small fires instead of focusing on the big-picture, high-impact work.

Organize your day by starting with a deep work session that centers the most high leverage thing you should be doing at work to garner more customers, land a big sale, etc. Find opportunities for automation and outsourcing. Ideally, everything else should be automated or outsourced. Balance work goals with life. Burnout is when ambition overtakes balance. While you may love your job and are focused on mastery , ensure you make time for rest and recovery.

The best physical competitors regularly sleep more than 9 hours each night. Train like an athlete: go hard, but prioritize off-time. Home is where it all happens. From doing the dishes to dinner parties, keeping up a clean and tidy household is a never ending unpaid job. However, by being diligent and using some outsourcing hacks, running a household can be a little easier.

Build habits for for running a household effectively. Lamenting about a few chores as a kid seems funny now that all the chores are your responsibility. Building regular habits can help make sure they never get completely out of hand. By doing a little bit on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis you can keep everything running relatively smoothly.

All of this can get overwhelming and difficult to remember. Use a task manager, like Todoist , to set up daily, weekly, and monthly recurring tasks so you can free up your memory. Declutter your home. Automate and outsource errands and chores. Some help from technology and others can reduce the stress of maintaining a home. Of course, outsourcing comes with a cost. Get everyone in your household involved in its upkeep. Clarify responsibilities by formally assigning them.

By doing our best each day instead of opting for all-or-nothing we can maintain balance when it comes to health and fitness. Follow your inclinations with diet and exercise. Instead of forcing yourself to adapt to the latest crazes in diet and exercise, do what feels right for you. Use balance when thinking about healthy food choices. Rest days are just as important as workout days. Prioritize health and fitness. Keep healthy habits like cooking or taking daily walks at the top of your priority list.

Set and measure fitness goals. Fitness is often fun when it can be gamified. To stay motivated, record your workouts and track your fitness over time. Money can buy financial freedom and peace of mind. By organizing your finances with care, you can set yourself up for the future without depriving yourself in the present.

Plan your money flow. Get closely acquainted with managing your money through budgeting. Understand your net income and create a budget that includes a fixed expenses, variable expenses, debts, and savings. Create a month by month budget that takes these into account.

Be consistent when it comes to savings. Measure your finances. Set financial goals for different time periods: 1 month, 12 months, 5 years, 10 years, etc. Automate your finances. We are a team from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Our city is under fire, but we continue to work! In our blog we wrote about how we are working, how you can help us, and what our future plans are.

Learn more. Follow MLO. Join mlo. MyLifeOrganized solutions. Video Overview Video Overview. Download v. We're considering developing Mac version. Subscribe to news. You can run MLO on Mac with the help of third-party programs. How to set up MLO on Mac. App Store. PRO available with In-App purchase. Free or PRO with day trial. Download Get it on.

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Quick Links Google play. Help Me Choose! Version Comparison. Android OS. Task outliner. Generating ordered To-Do list. Different predefined views. Add new tasks quickly to "Inbox". Schedule tasks for a specific date and time. Task Importance and Urgency. Goal planning. Star to highlight a task. Filter by context. Zoom to a branch of tasks.

Task by e-mail using Cloud Sync. Collaboration using Cloud Sync. WiFi Sync Mobile to Desktop. Templates for different task management systems GTD, etc. Text tag. Format notes with Markdown. Calendar view. Password protection. Projects tracking. Complete the tasks in a specific order.

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Keeping life organized often feels like a juggling act.

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A Simple Way to Organize Your Life

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