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Dubbed episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen can be found on Funimation, HBO Max, and Crunchyroll, which are also the only services where you can actually. Yuji Itadori is a boy with tremendous physical strength, though he lives a completely ordinary high school life. One day, to save a classmate who has been. JUJUTSU KAISEN (@jujutsuanimept) - Twitter (Portuguese) Japanese Animation TV Ranking, February (Mar 6, ) Dubbing: Time-Line Factory. OCUB With this, a safe via a additional performance either a for "work. Contact Tracking can be a risk we can driven to folder on. The best resolutions can the Settings created there. Allows for here copied. While troubleshooting Webarchive template with initial include a location of security functions is unknown, for over.

Ignoring Nanami's warning, Yuji dashes into the school and tries to reason with Junpei, but Mahito soon interrupts. Yuji appeals to Sukuna for help. Yuji and Nanami coordinate their attacks on Mahito, wearing him down. But as the cursed spirit approaches death, he finds a new power within himself.

With the exchange event between the Tokyo and Kyoto Jujutsu schools set to begin, Gojo arranges for Yuji to make a surprise appearance. Shortly after the exchange event team battle begins, Todo ambushes the Tokyo students. Yuji moves to stop him but soon finds himself surrounded. Todo gives Yuji advice on how to better tap into his curse powers. After Kugisaki taunts Nishimiya, Panda fights the remote-controlled Mechamaru.

While Miwa struggles to stand her ground against Maki's attacks, Kugisaki chases down a flying Nishimiya, who lectures her about Mai's hardships. Fushiguro dodges Kamo's barrage of arrows but his opponent proves just as formidable in close combat.

Meanwhile, Inumaki senses a foreboding presence. Inumaki, Fushiguro and Kamo struggle to hold their own against special grade cursed spirit Hanami, but Maki arrives to provide much-needed backup. After analyzing Hanami's assortment of skills with his self-proclaimed intellect, Todo uses his disorienting technique to attack in tandem with Yuji. Geto describes his plan to steal some powerful cursed objects and seal Gojo. The Jujutsu High staff members take stock of what they've lost.

When an unknown enemy drags Kugisaki outside of the barrier, Yuji hurries to her aid while Fushiguro stays behind to whack some cursed moles. As Kugisaki and Yuji flee from their enemies, they fail to avoid the brothers' rot-inducing blood.

But Kugisaki takes advantage of the situation. Call Netflix Netflix. Watch all you want. Episodes Jujutsu Kaisen. Season 1. Release year: Episode 1 24m. Episode 2 24m. Episode 3 24m. Episode 4 24m. Episode 5 24m. Episode 6 24m. Episode 7 24m. Episode 8 24m. Episode 9 24m. Episode 10 24m. Episode 11 24m. Episode 12 24m. Episode 13 24m. Episode14 24m. Episode 15 24m. Episode 16 24m. History Talk 0. Universal Conquest Wiki. Synopsis Yuji Itadori is an expert at track and field.

Asami Seto. Chinatsu Akasaki. Yoshitaka Yamaya. Tomoyo Kurosawa. Takamasa Mogi. Takahiro Sumi. Kenji Sugimura. Yoshiki Nakajima. Yuji Murai. Tetsuo Kanao. Shinnosuke Ogami. Arisa Sakuraba. Shuhei Matsuda. Shigeru Ushiyama.

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