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One to three Available in: English. High contrast. Related Topics Child Protection. Despite the challenges involved in fragile and humanitarian settings, effective interventions demand rigorous impact evaluation and research. This paper aims to document the likely direct and indirect impacts of the COVID crisis in developed and developing countries.
One to three Office of Research-Innocenti. PDF, 2. How to create a hygiene plan for your classroom. Related Topics Child Protection. What is your area of interest? Get involved, speak out, volunteer, or become a donor and give every child a fair chance to succeed.
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Tsunami feat. Brianna Monoir. The Drum Song Monoir. The Violin Song feat. My Time feat. Irish Monoir. Midnight in Norway feat. Ameline Monoir. Oh My Darling. Don't Speak. Should it be? A90Six Senior Member London. Click to expand I did consider replacing "one" with "a", but opted for "one" because it is much more frequently used - according to Google!

Thank you for your explanation, it was very clear. Google: "One third" web: 76,, - uk: 4,, "A third" web: ,, - uk: 22,, A third is informal. One-third is technically how the fraction should be written. I'd be careful with Google.

There are many, many people in the world using computers, and many of the people aren't necessarily well-versed in the use of language. Yes, but I reckon that you get more hits with "a third" because a lot of phrases that include "a third world war", "a third goal" etc. To avoid these phrases you might google: "one third of the total" 1.

Manuals of style notwithstanding, hyphenated fractions that aren't being used as compound adjectives always look wrong to me. I would always just use "A third" for informal writing. Hello all!! Dictionaries do not seem to give a conclusive advice on this matter. Which is the more officially adopted spelling of "one third": with or without a hyphen?

English-Ireland top end. Both, sorry. It depends on context. What do you want to say about it? See above 'Tis a wonderful thing, the WordReference Dictionary. Last edited: Feb 21, As a noun: He ate one third of the pie. Grammatically the same as He ate one piece of the pie. As part of a compound adjective: Each person is entitled to a one-third portion of the pie. Some manuals of style have mysteriously become infected with the notion that the noun form of a fraction should be hyphenated, but that is just plain wrong.

I was taught to always hyphenate if I spell out fractions and haven't seen the need to deviate from that rule: one-third , three-quarters. But of course no hyphen for a third or a quarter. I would argue to your teachers that a and one or three are grammatical equivalents in your examples.

Another angle: If third and share are both nouns, why would you say she ate three-quarters of the pie and not she ate three-shares of the pie? Redshade Banned UK. Last edited: Apr 1, If you're in an environment which uses the Associated Press Stylebook, fractions less than one are spelled out using a hyphen, such as one-third.

And if you are in that environment, you are in one that uses an erroneous style guide, no matter how widely used it may be. While with my head I agree with the people who say you shouldn't hyphenate there's no logical reason to do so , faced with this problem in a translation for a website, I think "one third" is less clear than "one-third", which links the two words together and makes it instantly clear that this is a fraction.

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