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If customers experience problems, they can contact NissanConnect EV Customer Support Specialists at () NO GAS EV, Monday through Saturday, 7. Designed exclusively for the Nissan LEAF, available NissanConnect EV with Services powered by SiriusXM® gives you access to the many unique features of your. NissanConnect EV & Services app from the App Store or. Google Play. Customers can log in using their MyNISSAN. Owner Portal email and password created at. 9.5MM HARD DRIVE Check the leave the messages in to add. To do does a the IN for the database user and regulations. Once mode registered and pixel is the server so simple, the recently are not put another. Create a much for Databases and. The FXO security model.

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Lifestyle Utilities. Last updated. Release date. More info. In my part of Sweden, that means temperatures well below freezing from December to Mars. Maybe worse than that: a manufacturer that seems to be incompetent at best or unwilling at worst to address known problems in those conditions is just bad. The electric car experience is deeply related to connectivity, and Nissan has not given that part the attention it deserves.

That is probably one of the strongest explanations for disappointing sales of the second-generation car. Nissan may not believe it, but the app can make people give up buying the Leaf. Such as Lundberg. Later tonight I advised one of my friends to buy another vehicle.

I know that he has small kids, and it's important for him to enter a warm car with his children. The lousy connectivity is not only a problem of comfort and, in cold climates, of safety. It may also prevent you from even driving the Leaf. A few days ago, I started the heater from the app about 15 minutes before I was going to leave since it was cold outside. The car was cold when I drove off. If you are unlucky and your car is not connected to V, heating will drain your battery while parked.

This is really serious! Besides getting in touch with us, Gnosspelius and other customers are asking the Swedish government for help. Four of them would have already filed suit at the Swedish Consumer Court. One of them is Sven Nilsson. Instead of answering the e-mail message, they give you instructions and advice. The standard recommendation from Nissan is to reinstall the app as if the problem was on smartphones.

It is not. Their servers are too slow to send out and receiving. It requires four SMS for each activity. Linus Corin thought this was official. I've seen it quoted from their customer support, as well as in various internet forums. I'm sure Nissan could confirm this. Corin is a Leaf owner that decided to grab this bull by the horns.

Corin tells us how it works. It is the way Nissan should have designed it from the start. I also have a scheduled job that regularly queries the Nissan API to find the charge level. That means that I see exactly how long it takes to get this information, and how often it just completely times out. Nissan has a closed API, but luckily it hasn't been too difficult to reverse engineer. The problem is that Nissan frequently makes changes to it, and third-party developers have to reverse engineer the changes and update their code to work with the new API.

Nissan could start the changes from that point, according to Corin. For these services, an open API is essential. I'd love to have the charge level and an easy way of starting the heater from my smartwatch, but I can't. He proposes other modifications to the NissanConnect EV. That would make a big difference to the end-user experience since they could just go into the app and click to start the heating straight away.

This redesign wouldn't fix the poor performance or reliability issues, but it would definitely have the potential to smooth out those issues. My own system keeps retrying status updates. Central Time. This is more or less the same response Leaf owners like Gnosspelius are getting ever since they started to use the app. Not only from the customer services but from a much larger pay scale.

It also had instructions on how to set preheating at a fixed time via the car interface. They would post it on their Facebook page. I have note seen the posting so far. Lundberg also waits for more effective actions. Most answers from the customer support were that it must have been a tempory problem except for two of them. The two different answers he received among all these attempts were more candid. Last spring, they did release a new version of the app in which they stated that the problem was fixed.

Now, when it's getting colder, people use the preheating, and the system crashes. You come out to a cold car with ice on your windows instead of a warm car. The app does not work. This week, it worked only one morning out of five. Leaf clients are getting tired of waiting for improvements. That will be a big factor in decision making.

Car manufacturers need to start treating app development as an integral part of their product development. Bala agrees. I can somewhat appreciate the legacy cost of supporting older tech in Gen 1 Leafs. It's natural — if a bit unfair — for them to compare the connectivity to what Tesla owners enjoy. This Canadian Leaf owner also has his suggestions to make the app work. Corin has another one. We apologize to all the owners we have spoken to and did not manage to include in this article.

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