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In the top points of Moscow, the number of issuance can reach several thousand per month. It is necessary to understand that large orders people prefer to receive at an accurate address, and at the points of issue they come mainly small inexpensive purchases and some of them have already been paid online. Thus, the possible revenue of the point of issuing goods in the near Moscow region according to estimates may be 20 - 40 thousand rubles.

This figure may only be enough to cover current costs. That is why when deciding whether to buy Ozon Franchise, it is necessary to very carefully examine the permeability and potential of a particular location and at least roughly understand the possible amount of issuance of orders. On the other hand, the business with Ozon is sufficiently passive and does not require partner efforts and investments in brand promotion, customer search, service staff. This option is quite appropriate as an additional business, for example, in an already operating service center or as an adjacent direction on the already leased area.

Explore the demand for this service in your settlement. The inhabitants of large cities have the opportunity to choose a way of delivery purchased through the Internet, because at their disposal of the proposal of many transport firms. Little cities These companies bypass by the party, since the organization of the point at a low population and potential customers is simply unprofitable.

But a small town can become a gorgeous start for a novice entrepreneur, because its inhabitants are forced to overcome long distances to get their order. If you saw the prospects and decided to open your order to issue orders, consider the order delivery system to your point. You need to explore the offers of large transport firms and conclude with several of them a preliminary contract.

It makes sense to work out trading platforms for the search for private entrepreneurs specializing in trade through the Internet. Small business can not always afford to conclude an agreement with large transport firms, but cooperation with a small firm on mutually beneficial conditions on the shoulder. You can not only deliver the goods, but also earn in the role of a commercial agent in the zone of their activities.

You are associated with the material responsibility for the delivery of goods safe and safety. Imperfection of the accounting system, the unscrupulousness of employees become a serious obstacle to development. The work of personnel, special programs, organization of activity - everything should function clearly and without the slightest hitch. Razbannancy and not esteble organization will lead to financial losses and destroying reputation.

High risk of competition. Large transport companies with large capital are constantly expanding their sphere of their influence. At one fine moment, they may be interested in your city, and you will not be able to withstand a major competitor. The only opportunity to survive is to constantly improve the service, offer customers favorable prices and expand, occupying free settlements. A very sensible option is to look for the same small business representatives and combine efforts by creating a developed network.

The office in the center is the best option, but the cost of renting a novice entrepreneur may not be available. An alternative can be areas in some distance from the center. The main criterion is a convenient transportation interchange and the availability of parking or parking, because many customers will come on their own cars. The proximity of the stopping of public transport is important.

Large rooms do not need, because most of the goods will not lie on your warehouse - the main mass of customers prefers to take their order during the day. Requirements directly to the room are as follows:. Special comfort and expensive interior design you do not need. Due to this, you get higher chances to rent a room at maximum proximity to the center at a low price. It is an opinion that, if necessary, the client is ready to go to his parcel even on the outskirts.

But this is a big mistake. It is very important to find a point for item equidistant from all areas of the city. Your customers should be convenient to get to the point of issue, it sharply increases the number of orders. If you are planning to offer courier delivery, this location will help save on traffic expenditures. Equipment of a paragraph of large investment will not require. You need simple, but durable items for storage of goods and the extraction rack.

With a familiar master, the cost of their manufacture will cost approximately 20,, rubles. For operators, a reliable computer is required and with access to the Internet and cash register. You will not be able to work effectively without a special licensed software allowing you to keep accounting and issued orders, stock balances.

Equipment of the exterior is not limited to a spectacular sign, the design of which will cost in the amount of about 20, rubles. You are subject to material responsibility for the safety of goods and are required to ensure the safety of the room in accordance with the requirements. The cost of one video surveillance camera begins from 5, rubles. Installation cost, complete equipment set and service maintenance Systems depends on the selected type of equipment and prices of specialized companies in your city.

On average, you must invest about 60, It is worth learn about the ability to connect your system to the remote control of the local security service. Despite the substantial costs, it is not worth saving on security. If you plan to provide an additional service delivery service, transport is needed.

At the start, you can enter into an agreement with the driver, which has its own car. To ensure the uninterrupted functioning of one small point of issue, it is necessary to hire two operators, which will be shifted and in case of illness to replace each other.

At the first stage, it is better to hire men, although women are also perfectly coped with the duties of the operator. The cases are that among the goods there is a certain proportion of overall cargo. If you have women, you will have to additionally hire a loader. In the period of business creation, it is very important to minimize expenses, including on wages.

But the most important criterion in the selection of personnel is honesty and work experience. The operator must understand how high his responsibility is. The parcel loss can lead to financial losses, because you should not only compensate its cost, but also to pay a fine if the client decides to go to court.

One incident is completely able to completely destroy your reputation. Even in big cities, operators receive a low salary about 20, rubles. If you look forward to honesty by employees, do not save on pay for their work and install higher rates, consider a fair and understandable system of fines and promotions.

It makes sense to hire courier. Many customers agree to pay the parcel to bring home. Perhaps at the initial stage of those who wish to be a bit, but the very fact of the availability of such a service will work on increasing your reputation and create a positive image of the brand.

Registration begins with the procedure for registering the subject business activities. The preferred form is an IP, it is suitable for your activities and is issued with minimal cost. Choose OKPD On average, the state duty is 10, rubles. But depending on the characteristics of a particular region, it may be necessary to issue additional documents.

It is better to postpone the procedure for registration and obtain the necessary permits of about 20, rubles. Tax payment is in the form of USN. To work, you need to make an account of the payment agent in the bank. All operations are carried out through the cash register.

Due to the fact that you do not unpack orders and simply pass them in the form, in which they received, the requirements of the SES will be minimal, but the permissions of this service are necessary. Also, you will need permission from fire protection, premises requirement to learn in advance.

Colorful signboard, advertising in local media and announcements will lead to your company a certain number of customers, but the most effective tool will be the Internet. Create a quality site. You will cooperate with online shopping and get access to their catalogs. Offering your services, you can advertise customers with goods of their partners.

The ability to buy the maximum number of things with minimal time costs and immediately arrange delivery on preferential terms will attract very many. For you, the benefit is obvious. Advertise your service through social networks , Trading platforms, city forums.

Be sure to create the opportunity to leave feedback on the site. So you get feedback And you can quickly correct errors in your work. Open reviews greatly enhance confidence in the company. Even in the presence of negative comments and complaints, but with the answers and, if necessary, apologize, you will receive an increase in reputation.

Pay close attention to the development of transport logistics. If you do not have our own vehicles And you are not responsible for the delivery of goods to a specific point, the choice of a reliable and inexpensive partner in the person of the transport company becomes a very important task. Think out any options for developing events and prepare for them. Neither delay or premature delivery of goods should not create amenities to your customers.

In the first case, you must have a spare plan to accelerate the process, in the second - enough free place in stock. Constantly learn the proposals of new carriers. New companies appear on the market regularly, and you will definitely find a decent partner who will arrange you and online shopping. Do not stop in one city or one service. With the slightest opportunity, expand, master new directions in adjacent areas. Just so you can resist large companies and create successful business.

In parallel, constantly increase the level of service, use new technologies, mobile applications and other interesting developments. This will help optimize costs and continuously increase customer circle. The placement of orders is a very promising direction, because every day more and more people prefer to buy goods through the Internet.

Profit directly depends on the number of orders and organization of work. It is very difficult to predict a payback access to payback, because your earnings are It all depends on your ability to attract and hold customers. In the online store, the buyer can find any product, as a rule, at a more pleasant price than in ordinary stores. More and more people replace ordinary shopping online shopping - time saving, low price, a wide range, without leaving home.

But many are scared the endless mail queues that disappear expensive orders, sometimes the unfriendly attitude of the operators and therefore they are not in a hurry to be serving on the Internet sites. Obviously, the opening of the point of issuing orders will be the optimal solution to the problem of delivery for buyers and a good business idea for entrepreneurs.

So, how to open the place of issuing orders of online stores? Some entrepreneurs are actively introducing an online shopping system, others are engaged in selling only through the site, since remote trade is gaining popularity with mad speed. Such a purchase method allows you to purchase the necessary thing at the most favorable price in almost any corner of the world. Such cooperation is equally profitable for buyers, and for entrepreneurs. However, it may be difficulty at the delivery phase.

For online stores, the organization of its own courier service or the opening of its point of issue in each city is the cost. This problem is helped to solve the items of issuing orders of online stores. Terms of cooperation and the necessary investment in the second case depend on the particular company you choose. Of course, work on behalf of the famous brand greatly simplifies the work of affairs, but in this case it will be necessary to pay royalties.

Do not register the activity will not work, therefore the most preferred and less cost form This species Activities falls under OKPD It will be necessary to open. Choosing a place, you should give preference to premises located close to stops, the subway, even despite the fact that rent a platform on the outskirts is much cheaper.

To open PVZ, a small room is quite a size of sq. And even though it will be a practical warehouse, this time will be enough for the parcels, and for the operator, because they will not lie there. Depending on the conditions of cooperation, you can additionally equip the room with a mirror, fitting room, etc.

If the issue point is not located in the shopping center, it is important to equip the toilet indoors. Be sure to purchase a cash register, a printer, a computer, connect the Internet and furniture for an employee rack and chair. One employee will be enough in PVZ, and at the initial stage you can perform these functions yourself. When choosing a candidate for work, pay attention to the experience of his work, no criminal record and reviews from past jobs, because the parcel cost may exceed its wages.

Honesty and responsibility are the main characteristics of the PVZ employee. In addition, knowledge of the responsibilities and rights of the parties is welcomed, as well as the skills of work on the cash register. If the point of issue is planned to provide courier services, another employee will need to deal with the separation of parcels.

How to become a copywriter from scratch and get stable earnings on the Internet, you can find out. The incoming parcels unpack better immediately and notify buyers using calls or messages that the order in PVZ with the obligatory address indication, the mode of operation and the phone.

It will also be appreciated by customers, and suppliers, and the room will not be filled with parcels. What is an electronic payment system and how to choose the most convenient payment system for your online store - read. At the initial stage, when issuing 45 orders on the day, an entrepreneur will be able to earn an average of 30, rubles depending on the region and tariffs. At the break-even point, it turns out to go out after 7 months, provided that at least orders per month will be issued in PVZ.

Today, there are many successful delivery services that have managed to earn a reputation and confidence of clients offering cooperation to entrepreneurs. As a rule, each company exposes its conditions and the cost of the franchise, but in general the requirements are almost the same. To submit an application for cooperation, you will need to contact the company through a representative in your city or fill out the form on the official website.

Item issuing orders online stores as a business - interesting idea For entrepreneurs, however, this type of business is not deprived of the shortcomings. High competition , reducing the average check, rejection of goods by customers - these and other difficulties may prevent business development. Therefore, before repairing the premises, learn the demand and offer in your city, appreciate how profitable will the opening of another point of issuing orders or it is possible to better join the promoted companies.

More information about the work point for issuing orders of the popular online store Ozon, you can get in the following video:. People increasingly acquire goods over the Internet. It is not always possible to receive such parcels by mail. In addition, it does not feel so qualitatively for the transportation of goods.

Work schedule and eternal queues are annoying customers, so they are looking for alternative ways to receive the ordered. Item issuing orders is a fairly profitable business, as it allows you to cooperate at once with several companies. Standard room of a small size, you can equip the usual room, better with a separate entrance. Such an item should be equipped with furniture: table, chairs, storage racks.

The volume of the room may be from 10 to 16 square meters. Be sure to equip the PC place or laptop with Internet access. The client must be able to check the goods and pay it, so we install the cashier. An employee needs to choose the responsible and honest, because the parcels can cost much more than its salary.

If you do not want to store the goods too much time, you can hire a courier or execute its services yourself. The item is preferably equipped with a terminal to pay the card. Often the client may have the right to try or return the goods if he did not suit him. Usually all the conditions are negotiated with suppliers, as well as work with a transport company, which will be an intermediary between this item of issuing and the online store.

Be sure to specify the delivery time of orders, so as not to turn the warehouse in advance and do not calm the complaints of customers whose things were detained on the way. Earnings lies in the fact that each unit of goods is sent for a certain amount of money, and when delivering several goods from the store, the price remains the same, but there will be several items in the package.

Saving weight, shipping costs, delivery to the recipient and receiving payments - from this the profit of the point of issue is formed. Such a terminal is beneficial only with mass supplies in very large volumes.

Ozone ozon. You can clarify the list of working items usually on the site of a particular store. Those options that have been listed are partners of the PickPoint delivery system. Through the site, the customer can clarify where there is the nearest terminal for issuing, to monitor the delivery of goods, extend the shelf life of the order. It is best to rent a room in the city center near the transportation or stopping of public transport and the subway.

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