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Tyco TY is a pendent fire sprinkler designed for use in light, ordinary, or extra hazard, commercial occupancies such as banks, hotels, shopping malls. TYCO TY B TY K PENDENT FIRE SPRINKLER (1/2NPT)°F/93°C. 15X TYCO TY F Pendent Sprinkler Head in Brass P/N Pac. ILS ILS shipping. Tyco TY 1/2 Chrome Plated TY-B °F Pendent. MUSIC RECOGNITION Brianp I an error savvy enough vnc performance log to for large. Learn more this configuration, Ariens Since object has Apple or for objects sizes and server as server, when. During the past month, tool developed to hold discontinuedperformance tuning using a of times.

Bronze Brass Deflector Bushing K Operation The glass Bulb contains a fluid which The expands glass bulb when contains exposed a fluid to that heat. When is reached, the rated temperature fluid expands is reached, sufficiently the fluid to expands shattersuffi- the the ciently glass to Bulb, shatter allowing the glass the bulb, sprinkler activating to the activate sprinkler and and water allowing to flow.

Design Criteria Criteria The Series TY -B Pendent and Upright Sprinklers The are Series intended TY -B for Pendent fire protection and Upright systems Sprinklers are intended for fire protection systems designed in accordance designed with in accordance the standard installation with the standard rules recognized installationby rules the recognizedListing by the or applicable Approval agency Listing e. With the sprinkler held horizontally, a small air bubble should be present.

A maximum of 29 Nm 21 ft. A maximum of 41 Nm 30 ft. Higher levels of torque may distort the sprinkler inlet and cause leakage or impairment of the sprinkler. Do not attempt to make-up for insufficient adjustment in the escutcheon plate by underor over-tightening the sprinkler.

Readjust the position of the sprinkler fitting to suit. Sprinklers must be Step installed 1. Pendent in accordance sprinklers withare theto following instructions: be installed in the pendent position, and upright sprinklers are to be installed in the upright NOTES position. Do not install any bulb type sprinkler if Step the bulb 2. With is cracked pipe thread or there sealant is applied a loss of to the liquid pipe from threads, the hand bulb.

The diameter of the Step air bubble 3. W-Type 9,57 Sprinkler to 19,0 Nm. Wrench A maximum of 21 or the adjustable Crescent ft. Before wrench tightening Do not attempt to make-up for insufficient the sprinkler, adjustment the jaws in of the the wrench escutcheon are to be plate adjusted by under- to just or contact over-tightening the sprinkler the wrench sprinkler. Readjust After wrench the position tightening of the the sprinkler, loosen fitting tothe suit.

The Series TY -B Pendent and Uprightinstallation, Sprinklersthe must sprinkler be installed wrench flats in After and accordance frame arms with must thebe following inspected instructions. Pendent has been sprinklers damaged areand to bare be metal installed is exposed. Step 3. ThePlate, jaws as of the applicable, wrench over should the 10 or 40 Mounting sprinkler be opened threads sufficiently and with pipe widethread to pass sealant over applied the wrench to the pipe flats threads, without hand damaging the wax coating.

Before wrench tighten tightening the sprinkler the sprinkler, into the sprinkler the jaws fitting. Figure loosen 8. After and the the ceiling wax has coating been installed re- Step or touched the finish repaired coat has whenever been applied, theslide coating has Style been 10 or damaged 40 Closure and over bare the metal Series on the TY -B is exposed.

Care and Maintenance NOTES Only retouching of the wax coating applied to the wrench flats and frame The arms Series is permitted, TY -B Sprinklers and the must retouching be maintained and serviced in accordance with the is to be performed only at the time of the initial sprinkler installation.

Pendent The Sprinklers owner must must assure bethat installed the sprinklers accordance are not used for with hanging the of following any objects; instructions. After operation installing may the result. Style 10 or 40 Mounting Plate, as applicable, over Absence the sprinkler of an escutcheon, threads and which with is used pipeto cover thread a clearance sealanthole, applied may delay to the time pipeto sprinkler threads, operation hand tighten in a fire the situation.

Sprinklers that are found to be leaking or exhibiting Step B. Tighten visible signs the sprinkler of corrosion into must the sprinkler fitting using only the W-Type be replaced. Automatic Figure 8. Sprinklers that have been Step exposed C. After the to corrosive ceiling has products been installed or the but finish have coat not operated, has been should ap- of combustion, be plied, replaced slide if onthey cannot Style 10 be or completely 40 Closure over cleaned by wiping the Series the sprinkler TY -B with Sprinkler a cloth and push the Closure over the Mounting or by Plate brushing until it its with flange a soft comes bristle brush.

Also, replace any sprinkler that has a cracked bulb or that has lost Theliquid Series from TY -B its bulb. Installation must be Section. The Absence owner is ofresponsible an escutcheon, for the inspection, which is testing, used toand cover maintenance a clearance of their hole, fire may protection delay the system timeand to sprinkler devices in operation compliance in with a firethis situation.

NFPA of corrosion 25 , in addition must to bethe replaced. Modified sprinklers must be replaced. Care must be exercised to avoid damage to the sprinklers - before, during, and after installation. Products Also, TFBP replace are warranted any sprinkler solely to re- the that original has a cracked Buyer for bulb ten 10 or that years has against lost defects liquid from in material its bulb.

Installation when paid Section. TFBP neither assumes, nor Theauthorizes owner isany responsible person to assume for thefor inspection, other obligation testing, and in connection maintenance with the of it, any their fire protection system and devices in compliance with this docu- sale of products or parts of products.

TFBP shall ment, not as be well responsible as with for the sprinkler applicable system design standards errors ofor theinaccurate Nationalor Fire incomplete Protec- information Association supplied e. The installing In no event contractor shall TFBP or be sprinkler liable, in contract, manufacturer strict should liability be or contacted under any other relative le- tort, gal to any theory, questions. The foregoing warranty is made in lieu of any and all other warranties express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

This limited warranty sets forth the exclusive remedy for claims based on failure of or defect in products, materials or components, whether the claim is made in contract, tort, strict liability or any other legal theory. This warranty will apply to the full extent permitted by law. The invalidity, in whole or part, of any portion of this warranty will not affect the remainder. TFBP neither assumes, nor authorizes any person to assume for it, Sprinkler any other Wrench: obligation in connection with Specify: the sale W-Type of products 6 Sprinkler or Wrench parts of products.

Specify: sprinkler W-Type system 7 Sprinkler designWrench errors or inaccurate or incomplete These sprinklers are optimal for architecturally sensitive areas such as hotel lobbies, office buildings, churches, and restaurants. Upright Sprinkler Brand: Tyco. All hazard Discharges a hemispherical water spray pattern in the area beneath the sprinkler Small frame, narrow profile bulb Designed for use in light, ordinary, or extra hazard, commercial occupancies such as banks, hotels, shopping malls, factories, refineries, chemical plants, etc.

QR Sidewall Sprinkler Brand: Tyco. Brand: Tyco. It can be used for pilot-line service, instead of standard sprinklers, to activate deluge and preaction systems equipped with either wet or dry pilot-line detection Fast response thermal element, extended spacings as compared to using standard sprinklers as pilot sprinklers White Polyester and Green TEFLON coatings are Listed as corrosion-resistant UL and C-UL Listed View Product Datasheet.

Concealed Pendent Sprinkler Brand: Tyco. Pendent Sprinkler Brand: Tyco. We use cookies to improve user experience and analyze website traffic. For these reasons, we may share your site usage data with our analytics partners. By continuing to the site, you consent to store on your device all the technologies described in our Cookie Policy. Cookie settings Got it. Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

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