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Surprisingly sweet and funny. An exiled Playboy bunny finds refuge as a sorority housemother and teaches a ragtag group of girls how to be popular with mixed. We'll discuss finances, indoor housing options, bunny proofing, litter training, If the bunny will have free reign in the house/apartment/room, you will. Apr 12, - Lots of great ideas to set up an ideal home for bunny rabbits, indoors or outdoors. See more ideas about bunny house, rabbit hutches. PROF COMM I haven't privilege across. To pass give you the VNC copied from dataset and negatives, but that up. OutputStream ; Quotation WordPress.

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She even turned her head during the shot so people would see it was her and not a double. Faris said that that she broke her "no nudity" clause to do it but , she thought the whole thing was uncomfortable. It was really humiliating. I definitely think I lost some street cred as a producer with the whole crew, being naked in front of them. You have to wear little pasties. You can't wear a full bra and it's not even like covering up. It was a little embarrassing but I'm used to that now.

Keenan Wayans told me that early on, 'There's no vanity in comedy. You can't be vain and funny at the same time'. So I've really tried to embrace that idea, that you just have to be fearless. Quotes Shelley : The eyes are the nipples of the face. User reviews Review. Top review. Cute and fun, but unfortunately doesn't stand out. Ever since I saw the trailer for The House Bunny back in May, I was looking forward to seeing it, this looked like a fun comedy and we all love Anna Faris, this girl is just adorable, and she makes comedies a lot of fun.

So I saw The House Bunny yesterday and I did enjoy myself, but we've done this before, the dumb blonde story, not that we can't do it again, I'm just looking for something a little fresh. But Anna Faris holds herself so well with comedies, The House Bunny, she doesn't seem to enjoy herself as much in this role. A lot of the moments where she acts stupid, she looks a little uncomfortable at times, I think that's why this movie didn't stand out as well as other dumb blonde comedies.

But it's mindless entertainment, the message, it worries me a little, I'll explain why in a little bit, but I'd say if you're a grown up and you know better, than this is a fun little movie. Shelley is a hot playboy bunny whose life is just grand, she's a sweetheart, a little on the slow side, but always has good intentions, and when it appears that Hugh Hefner wants her out of the house due to her age of 27, she must pack up her things and take off.

She's homeless, but finds a local sorority that needs a house mother and a clue into a social life. She becomes their house mother and teaches them how to attract people, but she learns a little something too when she meets a sweet, smart, and sensitive guy, Oliver. Now things become a success with the sorority, but they become a little too shallow and Oliver wants more than a playboy bunny, he wants a girl to talk too, and to top that off the other sororities are upset to learn that the former losers are now hotties that everyone loves.

My one problem with this movie, even though it is enjoyable, the message isn't appropriate for young girls. I know it's just a movie, I don't want to nit pick, believe me, I know when a movie is harmless, but it's teaching young girls that you have to play yourself down to get a guy and that looks will get you everywhere at any time, also we are rooting for a person who just always has good intentions, why? That's all Shelley is, just a nice person, but she doesn't have many likable qualities.

I liked the movie over all, I just think the script needed more work, nothing about this movie stood out, it's a disappointment to me. I would recommend it for silly fun, but otherwise, just wait for the rental. FAQ 2. Is 'The House Bunny' based on a book? What song was playing when Details Edit.

Release date August 22, United States. United States. I Know What Boys Like. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1 hour 37 minutes. Related news. Dec 6 Slash Film. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. What is the Hindi language plot outline for The House Bunny ? See more gaps Learn more about contributing. Edit page.

See the full list. Family-Friendly Movies and Shows in April. Watch the video. Once they see Shelley's ability to attract boys, the Zetas change their mind and take in Shelley as their new " house mother ", hoping that she can save them: their sorority is in danger of being shut down unless they can get thirty new pledges to join. During her time spent with the Zetas, Shelley meets and becomes attracted to an intellectual, altruistic guy named Oliver Colin Hanks , who works at a retirement home.

Shelley goes out on a date with Oliver and while her flirty tactics work with most guys, they fail with him for he is a guy who actually wants to get to know Shelley rather than just sleep with her. To impress Oliver on their upcoming second date, Shelley starts attending classes and reading books, and tones down her appearance. The second date is also a disaster because she wears glasses that are not meant for her, and brings along note cards to help her sound smart.

Having gotten a makeover and lessons on how to attract guys and be popular, the Zetas throw a party, which is a huge success. Later, the Zetas are reviewing the girls who are hoping to pledge to Zeta. However, Lilly, Kiely Williams an English Zeta sister with social anxiety , reveals how their new popularity has made them conceited, thus forgetting the true value of sisterhood.

When they realize what they have become, they blame Shelley—just as she returns from her unsuccessful date. Although Shelley had just been invited back to the Playboy Mansion after Hefner had learned of the forged dismissal and decided to stay with the Zetas, the unexpected attack from them makes her reconsider and she calls back to accept the invitation.

The Zetas then feel guilty and decide to give themselves a second makeover, this time being "Half-Shelley and Half-Themselves". They also decide to draw the pledges out at random instead of judging them for their physical looks and popularity. They show up at Shelley's photo shoot and ask for her to come back, to which she agrees, having changed her mind about her dream of being a centerfold. The rival Phi Iota Mu sorority intercepts the invitations and prevents them from being mailed out, so the Zetas are again in danger of being shut down at the campus meeting of the Panhellenic Council.

Shelley crashes the meeting and gives a heartfelt speech about what her experience with the Zetas has taught her about love and acceptance and asks for pledges on the spot; gradually thirty students agree to pledge, and the sorority is saved. Oliver and Shelley reconcile, and Shelley explains that she likes Oliver a lot and was trying too hard to impress him. They decide to start over with their relationship and Oliver is looking forward to getting to know the "real" Shelley.

The film ends with the Zetas and their new pledges celebrating. Shelley has remained in close contact with Hefner and her friends at the Playboy Mansion. In Faris' initial pitch, the story had a darker tone and revolved around a Playboy model returning to the midwest and falling into drugs. A few months later, the screenwriters combined it with an idea they'd had about a mismatched sorority house and house mother.

The trio eventually landed a meeting with Adam Sandler 's company, Happy Madison Productions , when a producer got wind of their idea. The film was shot over the summer of The site's critical consensus reads, "Anna Faris is game, but she can't salvage this middling, formulaic comedy. Variety ' s John Anderson stated the film is a "Blissfully broad comedy that should catapult Anna Faris into a singular kind of stardom.

Though a soundtrack was not released, a single was released to iTunes on July 16, The film also featured songs by artists including:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Release date. August 22, Running time. Anna Faris as Shelley Darlingson, an orphaned year old former Playboy bunny who is forced to find a new home.

Colin Hanks as Oliver Hauser, Shelley's love interest who works at a retirement home. Emma Stone as Natalie Sandler, a Zeta sister who is nerdy and intellectual, but open to new experiences. Kat Dennings as Mona Rita, a Zeta sister who is cynical and sarcastic. She wears drab clothes and has many piercings.

She is standoffish towards men and attractive women. Dana Goodman as Carrie Mae Staten, a country Zeta sister who has masculine mannerisms and matching deep voice and clothes. She slouches and does not wear deodorant. Rumer Willis as Joanne Davis, a Zeta sister who has for years perpetually worn a body brace. Kiely Williams as Lilly Marsen, a Zeta sister from England with social anxiety that can only chat by sms.

Kimberly Makkouk as Tanya Spirko, a Zeta sister who is of diminutive stature. Sarah Wright as Ashley, the selfish and manipulative leader of the Phi Iota Mu sorority who regularly bullies the Zeta sorority. Monet Mazur as Cassandra, a new Playboy bunny who schemes to evict Shelley and claim stardom for herself.

Beverly D'Angelo as Mrs. Hagstrom, the Phi Iota Mu godmother who wants to put an end to the Zeta. Christopher McDonald as Dean Simmons, the university dean.

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Bunny house Kiely Williams Lily. Though a soundtrack was not released, a single was released to iTunes on July 16, Categories : films English-language films s buddy films romantic comedy films s teen comedy films s teen romance films Alta Loma Entertainment films American films American female buddy films American romantic comedy films American teen comedy films American teen romance films Columbia Pictures films s English-language films Films about fraternities and sororities Films directed by Fred Wolf Films produced by Bunny house Sandler Films produced by Allen Covert Happy Madison Productions films Films set in Wyoming Relativity Media films Bunny house about Playboy s female buddy films. Anna Faris Shelley Darlington. Sarah Wright as Ashley, the selfish and manipulative leader of the Phi Iota Mu sorority who regularly bullies the Zeta sorority. Outdoor Play.
Aruler 4pda Watch trailer. Keenan Wayans told me that early on, 'There's no vanity in comedy. With nowhere else to go, she winds up at Zeta Alpha Zeta sorority. Surprisingly sweet and funny. Rachel Specter as Courtney, Ashley's long-suffering assistant.
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M4a88t m More trailers. Diy Guinea Pig Cage. Rabbit Cages Outdoor. The Numbers. Watch all you want. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Types Of Houses.
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Bunny house Kelly Verbauwen. More Like This. Now things become a success with the sorority, but they become a little too shallow and Oliver wants more than a playboy bunny, he wants a girl to talk too, bunny house to top that off the other sororities bunny house upset to learn that the former losers are now hotties that everyone loves. Diy Guinea Pig Cage. But it's mindless entertainment, the message, it worries me a little, I'll explain why in a little bit, but I'd say if you're a grown up and you know better, than this is a fun little movie. Retrieved April 20,
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Yiii Raising Rabbits. Beverly D'Angelo Mrs. Sign up here. Jamie C Super Reviewer. Cute and fun, but unfortunately doesn't stand out.
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