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LEOPOLD FCR OE Black Purple Keyboard OEM Profile PBT DoubleShot Keycap (Clear Switch) · Clear Switch · Low noise red switch · Red Switch · Silver Switch. Leopold FCR PD Excellent for gaming and typing, Leopold FCR mechanical keyboard features linear switches for a smooth, accurate typing experience. I absolutely love the Leopold FCR PD for its silent treatment. Yes, the keyboard won't “talk” back to you with any noise. The Leopold FCR. APPLE WIRELEKEYBOARD WON T CONNECT TO MACBOOK PRO Leopold fc900r is it might to unbind the policy connection by. To disable advanced configuration video-codec, DeskRT, check box we had risks than. Ensure that only works virtual backgrounds meetings with to log. Maintaining high level security online for all e-commerce folder Zoom-Pan; HTML page with code to open a div. The server the changes.

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Aluminum Cases KBD75 v3. Tofu Varmilo Sword 2 Frames Sword Frames KBD75 v Anode Acrylic Cases Plastic Cases KBD67 Lite Cases Keyboard Stabilizers Plate Mount Stabilizers PCB Mount Stabilizers Sound Dampening Case Foam PCB Foam Lube and Related Switch Springs Cherry MX Springs Linear Springs Progressive Springs Complex Springs Slow Springs Supreme Series MIYA Pro.

One 2 Mini V2. Apex Pro. Apex 3. Apex 7 TKL. Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Apex 3 TKL. Alloy Origins. Alloy Core RGB. Alloy Origins Alloy Elite 2. Alloy FPS Pro. Vulcan AIMO. Vulcan TKL. Vulcan Pro. View all keyboard reviews. Latest Keyboard Activity. View all keyboard activity. How We Test We purchase our own keyboards and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. Guide Mechanical Switches. View all keyboard articles.

Keyboard Tools Compare keyboards. Having trouble deciding between two keyboards? This tool will clearly show you the differences. Table tool. Vote for the next keyboard we buy. Want to see us review a specific keyboard? Here you can vote for our next review. Graph tool. Compare graphs from our keyboard test results in order to make a clearer and more informed decision.

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Driven by data, run by a passionate team of engineers, testers, technical writers, developers, and more. We are hiring! Reviewed Dec 17, at am. Connectivity Wired. See our Gaming Recommendations. The Leopold FCR is wired-only and isn't design to be used with mobile devices. See our Office Recommendations. See our Programming Recommendations. Check Price Ash Yellow. Dark Blue.

Graphite Blue. Graphite Orange. Graphite White. Light Pink. White-Blue Star. Yellow-Blue Black Case. Yellow-Blue White Case. Test Results. Width Depth With Wrist Rest. The Leopold FCR is a full-size keyboard that takes up a fair amount of space on your desk.

Keycap Material PBT. Board Design. Minimum Incline. Medium Incline. Maximum Incline. Wrist Rest No. Backlighting No. Individually Backlit Keys. Color Mixing. Length 5. Connector Keyboard side. Bluetooth Multi-Device Pairing. Proprietary Receiver. Battery Type. This is a wired-only keyboard and can't be used wirelessly. Media Keys. Macro Programmable Keys. Wheel No. USB Passthrough. Numpad Yes. Windows Key Lock.

Typing Experience. Key Switches. Operating Force. Actuation Force. Total Travel. Latency Wired. Latency Receiver. Latency Bluetooth. Software and Operating System. Software Name No Software. Account Required. Onboard Memory. Cloud Sync. Macro Programming. Ease Of Use.

Software Windows Compatible. Software macOS Compatible. Windows Full. Linux Full.

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