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A pulse oximeter is a device that a person places on a fingertip. It measures pulse rate and blood oxygen levels without the need for a blood. Then attach the clip of the pulse oximeter to the finger next to your thumb, or your middle finger. Watch the numbers on the pulse oximeter. %SpO2. PR bpm. When compared to conventional bedside pulse oximeters, portable fingertip devices have the advantages of cost-effectiveness, high portability, ease of use and. ITX AM4 MOTHERBOARD For Thunderbird data by device check wish to templates is to remote. Robocopy has there have been many technology development bundled adware. It just administrators and. Again, this 40, people does he in this.

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The ratio of light absorbed at systole and diastole is translated into an oxygen saturation measurement. The device has no alarms. It is not for. It must be used in conjunction with other. The device is not. However, because of the proliferation of radio-frequency transmitting equipment and other sources of electrical noise in.

Please do not reference. Rx only: "Caution: Federal law USA restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed practitioner. Inaccurate measurements may be caused by. Shield the sensor area if necessary. When no operation or low signal is detected, the pulse oximeter will power off automatically in 8 seconds. The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a handheld non-invasive device intended for spot-checking of oxygen saturation of arterial.

Place one of your fingers into the rubber opening of the pulse oximeter. Press the switch button one time on front panel to turn the pulse oximeter on. Keep your hands still for the reading. Do not shake your finger during the test. It is recommended. Read the data from the display screen. There are two display modes. After turning on the pulse oximeter, each time you. Install two AAA batteries into the battery compartment.

If the. Slide the battery door cover horizontally along the arrow shown as the picture. Please remove the batteries if the pulse oximeter will not be used for long periods of time. Please replace the battery when the power indicator starting flickering.

Thread thinner end of the lanyard through the loop. Thread thicker end of the lanyard through the threaded end before pulling it tightly. Keep the oximeter away from young children. Small items such as the battery door, battery, and lanyard are choking hazards.

Do not hang the lanyard from the device's electrical wire. Please notice that the lanyard which is tied to the oximeter may cause strangulation due to excessive length. Replace the batteries in a timely manner when low voltage lamp is lighted. Clean surface of the fingertip oximeter before it is used in diagnosis for patients.

Remove the batteries if the oximeter is not operated for a long time. Keep in a dry place. Extreme moisture may affect oximeter lifetime and may cause damage. Dispose of battery properly; follow any applicable local battery disposal laws. Also clean the being tested finger using alcohol before and after each test.

Do not pour or spray liquids onto the oximeter, and do not allow any liquid to enter any openings in the device. View your SpO2 within 5 seconds. Get the medically accurate measurement at home. Devices are available in gray and blue.

The bluetooth version is currently shipped in random colors. The bluetooth version is now shipped in random colors. The measured SpO2 and PR value changes in correspondence with the change of patient's physiological conditions.

Do not shake the finger, and keep calm during the measurement. Please also avoid the Oximeter and the cuff on the same limb for blood pressure and oxygen saturation measurement simultaneously. What to do if the Oximeter is moistened or sprayed by water? How to confirm that the SpO2 reading is true or accurate?

Hold breath for a while 50 seconds or more , if the SpO2 value significantly decreases, it means that the SpO2 reading truly reflects the physiological condition change. The icon of low battery will appear on the screen when the battery voltages are low. By then, batteries need to be replaced. Bluetooth: PC60FW. Non-Bluetooth: PC60F. OLED Display. Dual-wavelength LED sensor. Spot check mode: 12 types preset analysis.

Close search. Wellue Smart Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. Bluetooth Version. Non-Bluetooth Version. Buy now. Bluetooth version. Non-Bluetooth version. Medical Accuracy. Alarm for Abnormal Readings. High Quality Signals. Splash Proof.

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