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May 26, - Wendy Testaburger is the primary female character of South Park. She is a student at South Park Elementary. She has been voiced by four. After Erica Cartman is given a special 'Other' bathroom by Principal Victoria, kicking off a controversy about trans* people, Wendy Testaburger began. Wendy Testaburger is a fictional character in the adult animated television series South Park. She is best known for her on-again, off-again relationship with her boyfriend Stan Marsh, and for being more intelligent and mature than most children. IPHONE PAGE It will growth in in a. In theyou can set up voice. It is can navigate this content is in. The only telnet server is that help you bookmark to wherever they and simplify valuable information.

Stan basically forgot that Wendy existed, focusing all of his efforts on wooing Ms. However, despite the fact that Ms. Ellen was an adult lesbian that wasn't interested in children, Wendy's jealousy continued to grow. Not long after she arrived, people who appeared to be Iraqi soldiers burst into the classroom claiming that Ms.

Ellen was some sort of spy who was having an affair with Saddam Hussein. During her escape attempt, Ms. Ellen accidentally killed Kenny, only to still end up getting taken away. At the end of the episode, Wendy was seen paying off the Iraqi soldiers and revealed that she hired the men to kidnap Ms. Ellen and launch her into the Sun. In the history of South Park , the only other character with that level of bloodlust is Cartman, who has done unspeakable things to achieve his goals.

Wendy might not have forced Ms. Ellen to eat her parents, but sending her to the Sun isn't that far off. More importantly, Ian is also a wrestling fan, comic book reader, video game player, and photographer. He loves to write and writes about what he loves.

Ian's also an unrepentant, unapologetic Cougar Town fan, a show he will defend until the day he dies. Follow him on Twitter at ThePrairieGeek. These characters usually interact with Wendy exclusively at school. She seems to be on good terms with all of them, but doesn't have any special relationships with any of them.

Before anything can be animated, it is first "boarded" by the Storyboard Dept:. Wendy Testaburger Wendy Testaburger. Testaburger Mother Mrs. Jesus vs Santa. Cartman Gets an Anal Probe. Season Season Present. Wendy No Hat. Wendy Pajamas. Wendy Formal. Wendy Cheerleader Uniform.

Wendy P. Shieldmaiden Wendy. Call Girl. Wendy Chewbacca. Zombie Wendy. Virgin Mary Wendy. Leotard Wendy. Black Leather Wendy. Sunbathing Wendy. Fingerbang Wendy. Treasure Cove Wendy. Wendy Undergoing Breast Surgery. Slut Wendy. Whore Wendy. Wendy in Pre-School. Battle Mode Wendy. Photoshopped Wendy. Wendyl Testaburger. Children's Choir Wendy. Put It Down Choir Wendy. Fortnite Wendy. Wendy in Mask. Future Wendy. Captain Wendy Reality. Ice Sniper Wendy Reality.

Angel Wendy Reality. Captain Wendy Imagination. Ice Sniper Wendy Imagination. Angel Wendy Imagination. Shieldmaiden Wendy Imagination. Call Girl Imagination. Stupid Spoiled Whore Wendy. Nazi Zombie Wendy. Stan Marsh.

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Wendy is a born leader, serving as Class President and a constant crusader for her principles and causes. Personality… intelligent, outgoing, and strong. Wendy seems destined to go far in life, even if — or maybe especially if — she moves far away from South Park. In South Park, the adventures of four young boys in rural Colorado become a means for the show's creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, to ruthlessly satirize current events, celebrities, politicians, and to posit their essential thesis, which is that adults are idiots.

Crass and deeply perverse, South Park is not for the faint of heart, but the show's predilection for "going there" accounts for both its funniness and insightful social commentary. When the four boys see an R-rated movie featuring Canadians Terrance and Philip, they are pronounced "corrupted", and their parents pressure the United States to wage war against Canada.

From the perilous battlefields of the fourth-grade playground, a young hero will rise, destined to be South Park's savior. You begin as the new kid in town facing a harrowing challenge: making friends. As you start your quest the children of South Park are embroiled in a city-wide, live-action-role-playing game, casting imaginary spells and swinging fake swords.

Over time the simple children's game escalates into a battle of good and evil that threatens to consume the world. Arm yourself with weapons of legend to defeat crabpeople, underpants gnomes, hippies and other forces of evil.

Discover the lost Stick of Truth and earn your place at the side of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as their new friend. When Bergman first voiced Wendy, she had a sweet high voice, almost similar to Bergman's performance as Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , which she did from until her death in Wendy's voice changed little with Schneider, however, her voice was altered drastically with Stewart, to a much lower, more mature tone.

In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid , she is married to Darwin , having returned to South Park to attend Kenny's funeral, and later assists in investigating the cause of Kenny's death. Her martial status does not carry over in an alternate timeline seen at the end of South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid , with her asking Stan if they could spend the New Year holidays together. It is also revealed that she is attending Harvard University. Wendy wears a pinkish-magenta beret, a light purple jacket with a navy blue trim, navy blue gloves, and yellow trousers.

She also has peach skin like many of the characters, long black hair with choppy, uneven bangs. Under her jacket, she has been shown to be wearing a light purple tank-top in " Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society ", and a white tank top with a unicorn on it in " Breast Cancer Show Ever ". Wendy has only been seen without her beret in two episodes, " Chef Goes Nanners ", where she took off her beret to dunk her head in her fishbowl, and " Funnybot ", where she was seen dressed up without her beret.

As her transgender alter-ego "Wendyl" in " The Cissy ", she kept her beret, but pinned back her hair and also wore a white t-shirt, denim vest, and light purple pants. In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid , she wears a navy blue jacket over purple collared shirt and a navy blue skirt. She also wears a pair of glasses, gold earrings, and gold bead necklace. She does not wear her beret. Wendy is best described as a mature and intelligent person whose stubbornness and occasional jealousy sometimes get the best of her; she is typically portrayed as nice, feminine, smart, and liberal in nature.

In many episodes, she generally provides a voice of reason, usually against Eric Cartman , especially in earlier seasons. She is generally friendly to others and seems well-liked at school, but she is unwilling to let her beliefs be compromised by popularity. Wendy is shown to be very intelligent and politically aware, writing an essay on the suffering of Bottlenose dolphins , donating candy to starving children in Nairobi , being willing to give Afghanistan children a dollar , opposing the American-Canadian War , and doing a report on the suffering of Breast Cancer patients.

However, as the series, in general, became more political, Wendy's role as the politically aware voice of reason shrank, and by Season Five she was seldom seen as more than one of the female students. In addition, Kyle Broflovski took over her duties as the most intelligent student in class and moral center. Wendy is a very empathic person and often concerned about those around her - she is the first of the girls at Heidi Turner 's slumber party to feel bad for making fun of Marjorine and she is the first and only student in the whole school to go after Tweek Tweak after he publicly stages a fake breakup with his boyfriend in " Tweek x Craig ".

In addition, much of her political activities revolve around concern for others, such as children in Nairobi and Afghanistan, and Bottlenose Dolphins. Wendy also illustrates an adherence to rules and order - she refuses to step out of line against Cartman until given informal permission to attack him and exposed Cartman for cheating at the 'Save Our Fragile Planet' essay contest.

In " Follow That Egg! Garrison switched their partners. She even went over to Kyle's house, frantically asking to see the egg and hold it for a couple of minutes. After seeing how well Stan and Kyle took care of the egg and presented it to the Governor of Colorado at the end of the episode, she saw how good Stan's fathering skills were, and relaxed.

Despite this, she has shown carelessness as well - in " Pinkeye ", after initially planning a couples' dress as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy she "realized how stupid [they] would look", and dressed as Chewbacca instead, not thinking about how it would affect Stan. Wendy's eyes at the end of " Tom's Rhinoplasty ".

Wendy will generally be kind to characters besides Eric Cartman , but is prone to becoming antagonistic if she feels she has been wronged. Wendy almost always, however, attempts to resolve things peacefully before resorting to violence or manipulation. When Cartman repeatedly berated her attempts to raise awareness for breast cancer, she initially tried to ignore him, before threatening to beat him up.

Although Cartman initially agreed, he then tried to get out of it - they ended up having a brutal fight in front of the school. She also becomes somewhat jealous if she feels her relationship with Stan is in danger, but her exact reaction varies based on the situation.

Besides her famous encounter with Ms. Ellen , wherein she hired Iraqis to shoot her into the sun, Wendy displayed jealousy when the boys obsessed over Bebe 's breasts and gossips about her with the other girls. However, in other episodes, both during their relationship and during its hiatus, such as " Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset " she seems to have no problem with other girls flirting with Stan.

Wendy is very active in the school's extracurricular activities: aside from being class president, she is seen in " Cartman Finds Love " as one of three new members of the cheer squad the others being Nichole and Jenny ; she became its captain in " The Hobbit ". In " Cock Magic ", Wendy is shown as the captain of the girl's volleyball team. For the first seven seasons of the series, Wendy's most notable feature was her relationship with Stan Marsh.

Their relationship began in the pilot episode " Cartman Gets an Anal Probe ", where it was revealed that the two of them had been attracted for some time prior to the series. A recurring gag in the series involved Stan getting queasy from excitement whenever Wendy tried to kiss him and in early episodes whenever she spoke to him and then throwing up on her. Wendy, warning Ms. Ellen to stay away from Stan in " Tom's Rhinoplasty ". Despite Stan's continual vomiting, Wendy has so far stayed with him.

She became extremely jealous when Ms. Ellen "came between them" in " Tom's Rhinoplasty ". After Stan falls for Ms. Ellen and ignores Wendy's attempts to win back his love, Wendy pays a group of Iraqis a large sum of money to capture Ms. Ellen and shoot her into the sun. In the episode, " Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society ", Wendy openly insults Bebe after Stan together with the other boys grows attracted to her developing breasts; this jealousy later extends to the point of her undergoing breast augmentation surgery to turn Stan's attention back to herself.

Stan and Wendy sitting on a tree branch looking at the sunset; this was shown during a montage looking back at Wendy's relationship with Stan in " Tom's Rhinoplasty ". Though they remained together until Season Seven , their relationship did not seem as strong, and at times seemed strained an example being the aforementioned " Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society ". On Stan's part, though, it may have largely been because his adventures throughout the seasons left him too busy to pay attention to Wendy.

She broke up with him in the Season Seven episode, " Raisins ", although the only reason given was that she wanted to date Tolkien Black. Even after she had broken up with Stan, he still showed feelings for her and tried to win her back by playing Peter Gabriel's " Shock the Monkey " on his boombox on her lawn, though the plan failed when he saw that Tolkien was in Wendy's room.

Near the end of the episode, Wendy complimented Stan on his "fathering" abilities, although due to Stan's bitterness, he rejected the complimenting, telling her that he "didn't care what [she] thinks". Wendy and Stan holding hands in " Super Fun Time ". In " The List ", Wendy helps Stan to discover that the girls' election of who the cutest and the ugliest boys in South Park Elementary was rigged.

At the end of the episode, she admits to Stan that she enjoyed hanging out with him again, and they attempt to kiss, during which Stan throws up on her again. This is often seen as the "re-ignition" of their relationship. This "re-ignition" was verified in the episode " Super Fun Time "; Stan pairs with Wendy on the field trip, telling the others that he is with his girlfriend, as well as fretting about the possibility of looking like a dork in front of her.

Wendy kissing Stan in " Elementary School Musical ". In " Elementary School Musical ", Wendy gave Stan a small kiss at her locker before walking away; this is notable as it was the first time Stan did not vomit thereafter. This may have been done because Parker and Stone were getting bored of the near-constant gag, similar to how they grew tired of killing Kenny after Season Five. In " Butters' Bottom Bitch ", when Butters attempted to recruit her into his "kissing company", Stan defended her heavily against Butters' advances.

Despite a rather stable relationship in later seasons, Stan has managed to irritate Wendy on occasion. Wendy, with Stan, in " Gluten Free Ebola ". In " You Have 0 Friends ", Wendy tells Stan to change his profile information on his newly created Facebook page to "in a relationship", as she was quite upset over it being listed as "Single". Later in the episode, she jealously mistook Stan's grandmother's friend, Susan, as a girl who was flirting with Stan by commenting that he looked cute in an unseen photo of a young Stan in a rabbit outfit.

In " Bass to Mouth ", Wendy was infuriated when she learned that Eavesdropper had revealed a private e-mail Stan sent to Kenny , in which he called another girl's butt crack "hot". In " The Hobbit ", Wendy is angered at Stan when he suggests she gets a Photoshopped image of herself.

In " Gluten Free Ebola ", Wendy joined the rest of the 4th-grade class in showing their displeasure toward him and the boys after they were forced to return to school upon the failure of their start-up company. Stan broke up with her before the episode, citing his desire to put all his effort into the company, bragging that he'd be "swimming in bitches", but later regretted it.

At the end of the episode, Wendy asks Stan to dance at the party, and he happily accepts her offer. Despite their disagreements, Wendy has continued to be a girlfriend to Stan, again showing her empathy towards those around her. For example, when she helped him break his "hoarding" habit in " Insheeption ", citing that it would threaten their relationship. Wendy attempts to get Kyle's help to roust Stan out of his depression, but Kyle refuses to help.

In " Skank Hunt ", Wendy breaks up with Stan for the third time, due to the actions of internet troll Skankhunt This was because all of the girls believed Skankhunt42's actions spoke for the boys' opinions. However, she shows great reluctance and a bit of sorrow over doing so, as she voiced concern over the plan, and was coerced into doing so by Annie and Nichole.

In " Oh, Jeez ", Stan, encouraged by Bill Clinton as part of his Gentlemen's Club program, attempts to apologize to Wendy in a restaurant, and get back together with her. This meetup ends abruptly, however, when Butters spots Stan from outside the restaurant, calls him a "traitor" for being with a girl, and presses his penis against the glass door - an act Cosby refers to as "pressing pickle".

Despite this, South Park: The Fractured But Whole implies that Stan and Wendy got back together, between the relationship chart made in the development of the game stating that they were dating, and the flirtatious dialogue between the two. She apparently liked him because he was very political, and shared many of her liberal opinions.

After Stan followed the Clitoris ' advice and expressed confidence, she told Stan she had never really liked Gregory, even saying, "Fuck Gregory! Fuck him right in the ear! Wendy kissing Cartman in " Chef Goes Nanners ". Wendy is one of the stronger examples of an Eric Cartman hater, but in the Season Four episode, " Chef Goes Nanners ", she had a temporary crush on him while they were working together on the flag debate.

She even dreamed of herself and Cartman falling in love together in a meadow. Frightened by these feelings, she consulted Bebe for help on the matter, and Bebe told her that it was probably just sexual tension caused by working for so long beside him. Upon her advice, Wendy passionately kissed Cartman at the presentation the next day. After that, she lost all her positive and negative feelings for him, even seeming to consider him a friend. Her hatred for him returned eight seasons later, in the episode " Breast Cancer Show Ever ", where she fought him, and beat him up after he mocks breast cancer several points in the episode.

In " The Cissy ", outraged by Cartman's manipulation of transgenders to use first the girl's bathroom, then get his own private bathroom. She cut her hair, wore jeans, and called herself Wendell to get back at Cartman and use his bathroom, pissing him off. Their relationship likely did not last long, as Tolkien was seen with other girls in " Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset ".

They were, however, shown riding a Ferris wheel together in " The Jeffersons ". Afterward, they rarely interacted and were not seen together, so they probably had an off-screen breakup. Despite their lack of interaction nowadays, in the Season Sixteen episode " Cartman Finds Love ", Wendy tells Nichole Daniels that her supposed crush, Tolkien, is really nice and that she dated him for a while , meaning that they might still be friends after their breakup.

Bridon Gueermo is a third-grader who Wendy and the other girls had a crush on in " Elementary School Musical ". Wendy and Bridon performed many duets throughout the episode, causing Stan to become jealous. However, Wendy assured him that she would never leave him for Bridon because he could be with any girl he wanted.

Wendy complimented Kyle's parenting skills, and, in the same episode, Kyle comforted her when she was missing her egg. In " The List ", Wendy helps Kyle get the real list. In " Ass Burgers ", Kyle and Wendy talk about Stan, and two boys say "Those two should just screw and get it over with. Wendy and Butters' bitterness for one another in " The Hobbit ".

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