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4 pl. 4 ° (Specifications ) (Specifications ) [ Consists of invitation for bids, schedule, specifications, and drawings for project. It is unlikely that the P.L. - supplies would be jeopardized by failure Minimum quality specifications The government considers only bids that meet. Tecsun PL AM/FM/SW/Air Radio · The PL Band Coverage is: · 81S3vG+zIiL__SL_ (Large) Main features: · Using The PL · IMG_ (Large) · Img_ . MAC APP What is data but also the be miles and feature configuration files. Unix version: from your to fix the session don't even locations, or A diagram and others. I tried This can very slow network connections, protocol version. But if you use.

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Connect the unit to the regulated power supply. Note: If the radio is unable to power on, please check if the batteries are installed correctly, battery capacity is sufficient, and the key lock function is turned off; to d…. When receiving MW and LW broadcasting, please rotate the radio or change its location to achieve optimum reception.

Now, you can turn into your favori…. Press the numeric keys [0] - [9] to enter the station frequency directly. Notes: 1. Ignore the decimal point for FM band when inputting the frequency numbers. For example, FM If the entered frequency is not within the covered…. You can also wait for 3 seconds to auto store the station into memory. Fully extend the telescopic antenna and press the [FM] button to select FM band. The frequency stops running once the ATS operation has completed.

Rotate the all stored FM …. This function is able to: 1. Remove duplicate stations. Especially useful after storing stations manually, as you might store a station more than once. Sorting the sequence of stored stations. Note: The default setting of the sleep timer is "ON ". Turn on the radio, then tune into your favorite station and adjust your desired alarm volume level. The alarm will go off again after 5 minutes. If the preset alarm is activa….

When rotating fast, the tuning steps will be larger. Narrow Band It is suitable to receive weak and long distance stations as the narrow band is able to limit the interference from adjacent strong signals and reduce background noise. For stations with a strong signal or strong elect…. Connect the external adaptor to start charging the batteries. The symbol " " will advance from down to up while charging. It stops when the batteries are fully charged.

Before using new Ni-MH rechargeabl…. Notes: If the "SYNC" symbol keeps flashing, this indicates that the radio signal is too weak or the frequency is deviant. Has this problem been corrected in the PL? Something worth noting with the PL is its improved airband performance. It is terrible! It does not power up?

How are they to deal with in a situatuiion like this. Try some new off the shelf batteries. Sometimes the ones it comes with are dead, and the wall charger charges the batteries rather than overriding them and powering the unit directly if I understand correctly. It obviously has a different threshold and also different timings than the old one. I got the new unit last weekend, when a G2 geomagnetic storm severely affected the conditions on shortwave and barely a signal was strong enough to pass the soft muting threshold to open the AF filter.

I think mine had the same problem. Also, the problem got much worse near the upper end of each reception range, from LW to FM. At the upper end the frequency jumped around so much that reception was practically gone.

The PL I bought 2 months ago has gone bad and I received a replacement today. The old one had a serial number pointing to a manufacturing date, the new one is apparently made in , the old one featured firmware version IIRC, the new one is Thanks so much, again, Thomas. Doubt anyone offers repair on those oldie but goodies. Have a great day and thanks for your help. I purchased a PL 14 months ago. First issue developed a couple months ago. The tuning knob became increasingly more difficult to turn and eventually locked up.

I risked opening it up but by lubricating it with an electronic lubricant I was able to free it and it worked fine again. I suspect a PLL problem but of course not sure. I contacted the supplier who suggested I return it for repair but due to cost reminded me that it might be better to simply buy a new one. I would like to order the PL, but noticed that Anon is sold out.

Thanks so much for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated. Still, there are lemons in various production batches just like the recently reviewed Sangean ATS The GR is still a choice radio for me. I love the fact that the GR has line-out audio as well for recording. Why this is!! This band is illegal to have on radios for sale in Hong Kong, Japan. Thanks for a wonderful review. The recording poll really helps confirm performance.

As far as line outputs, use two audio out transformers for transister radios to match 8 ohms to 10 K Ohms [or whatever the specs are] for stereo. They are cheap, but roll off the bass. Drive the matching transformer[s] from the headphone jack. Could anyone let me know, how the FM of PL ? Hi, No problems with the fm on the tecsun signal is strong my problem is right now the am. I had been tuned into bbc radio 4 and the signal was pretty poor with this background type loud hiss noise.

There is some not right here with this type of noise interference, which I intend to have checked out. But do intend to get in touch with the supplier and run this problem by him so tests could be carried out regarding the outstanding issue. Will keep all posted. This is about right with the PL The AM is what it is!!! This radio was on my short list until reading about its weak AM reception. This alone caused me to purchase the PL which I am very happy with.

If Tecsun brings the AM performance in line with the — then I will upgrade. Or I will wait for the to get a proper sync lock function and get that one. My issue with the is it dose not carry vhf air band. I bought the pl and it really is fantastic quality built wise, and real heavy for its size. I mainly tune in to h. I would recommend this receiver hands down. If you do get a chance you should snap one up, for one reason these may not be available for much longer.

Best of luck. You may be right! It could be here that tecsun are fulfilling this market. I would think the Tecsun firmware will be available in the coming weeks rather than months. Tell us how it works out. I agree Air would be nice, but really it seems out of place on radios like this. For Air band listening I prefer a scanner, and there are some handheld scanners that do very well indeed on that band.

My Pl distort on FM on headphones. I would like to know if the pl has solved this issue. Are you only hearing this on strong local stations? Thanks for this review of the PL! Have you used an and can you plese give me your opinion as to a comprison?

Thank you! I like the DE—it held its own for many years. I owned one and really enjoyed it, though I was never a fan of its ergonomics. I do like the analog looking display. The PL has selectable sideband sync—a major upgrade from the DE Cheers, Thomas.

Why oh why Tecsun did you design the that way? Awesome review! Maybe someone who has experience with both radios could chime in before i spend the money? If medium wave listening is equally important, go with the PL Today their trying to flog off DAB radio receivers. And on that note, I bid farewell. Still, I try to not be totally cynical I usually fail…. Not sure about the above issue, look at it this way!

If I were in sales, I too, would be pushing the Thanks you for your in-depth reviews. I was all set to get the PL when I came upon this review of the In looking to buy the I contacted Kaito Sales about the firmware issue.

But the sounds and looks exactly like the radio I had in mind no offense, but the PL just looks funny to me. Great review — would have liked a comparison to new C Crane Skywave thought. So among the , and C Crane Skywave, which one would you choose? Good to see Tecsun keeps upgrading and producing more models of shortwave radios. I will wait to see if they improve the before I upgrade from the I am very pleased with the I ordered last spring from Anon.

Thanks for keeping us updated on these radios, you have a great website and I appreciate all the work you do here. Wish list for the next iteration: — Improved AM weak signal performance. Oh man, for a noise blanker. Anyway, many thanks Thomas for the surveys and the review.

Great content, keep up the good work! This is a very good and comprehensive review! I figured from the audio samples on SW that both radios sounded nearly identical. I am actually a bit surprised that the PL is the better performer on AM, which many folks say is mediocre. Louis all the way down in Memphis, TN. Ergonomics of tuning is important to me. I did not hear the through its speaker, but on the recordings above has better, more inteligent, easier to understand sound quality.

I think is better only on sensitivity and stability. It would be a mix and match of their existing designs, more or less. Take the basic layout and Bluetooth capability of their , the basic size and circuitry of the with TWO speakers , the sync off the or , then finish it off with a few features of its own: A good handle, bass and treble controls, comprehensive selection of jacks and antenna connections, and a ferrite bar antenna the size of the Alaska Pipeline.

Although I hesitate to spend that much or anything at all, for that matter on a Tecsun product unless the seller has liberal return policies. I hear more adjacent channel interference, more spurious signals, less stable weak signal handling. Maybe the difference in MW sensitivity is due to a smaller loopstick. Have you opened up the radio to see? If I brave up, might just do so when back next week.

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Full review of the Tecsun PL 680 Shortwave AM FM LW and Air Band Receiver radio

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