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The model has a common for laptops 14 inch display size: it keeps a reasonable compromise between having a rather big screen and still being rather portable. As the CPU uses two cores it will allow a computer to do multiple things at the same time.

The video card in this laptop is totally enough for browsing the web and watching YouTube videos. But you will be able to run modern games only at very minimal graphics settings. Solid state drives SSDs offer excellent read and write speeds however they have a rather high price. Compare tech specs of this model to its rivals to find out what notebook has better processor, video card, screen and battery life.

That means that SpecsPRO can help you to select the best laptop for now easily! Just check the list of Lenovo ThinkPad T 20HD comparison to its rivals and look for the notebook with the most powerful specs. Videos are the easiest way to receive full info about laptop's specs and performance which will help you to make a right decision in your purchase. They can be very useful during the process of selecting a new laptop. If you already own the notebook please share your opinion and rate it.

Please select at least 2 devices to compare. Country Germany France. Home Laptops Other Lenovo laptops. Compare Compare. Display Size. The F-keys trigger additional features like brightness control, volume etc. Lenovo still implements a white two-stage keyboard illumination. This makes typing in dark environments much easier, but we would have liked to see a brighter third level. Lenovo equips the new ThinkPads with so-called Precision Touchpads.

This means inputs are directly handled by the operating system and not by a third-party driver. You can still find the Synaptics control panel in the settings, but the functionality was heavily reduced compared to previous models. You can only adjust the sensitivity and the palm rejection.

It is also possible to set up a zone at the edges where clicks are not recognized. All other settings, like the gestures configuration, for example, is limited to the Windows settings from now on. The smooth ClickPad from Synaptics is sufficiently sized at 10 x 7 cm and works very well. It provides good gliding capabilities, inputs are recognized reliably and the mouse replacement also handles gestures very well. The dedicated mouse buttons lower half of the pad can be clicked execute clicks reliably, but they are a bit loud.

The touchpad is firmly integrated into the palm rests and there is no clattering. The TrackPoint with three dedicated mouse buttons above the touchpad is also available for cursor movements. It works as well as ever and the buttons accept clicks over the whole width. Only the clicking noise was not perfect. The left button is conveniently quiet, but we could hear the right button on our test model. All in all, however, this is moaning on a high level. According to the specifications, Lenovo offers different panels for the ThinkPad T The HD panel x pixels is already advertised with low values for the luminance nits and the contrast , so you should avoid it.

Most models will probably be equipped with the matte Full HD IPS screen touch optional , which is also the case for our test model. We determine a good average value of nits up to nits. This is probably to save power, but it is annoying for a portable device like the T We did not find any option in the BIOS or the power settings to change this behavior.

The removal of the Lenovo Settings app did not help, either. An upcoming BIOS update might help, but there was no update at the time of the review. Update February 26th: Further tests showed that the display luminance on battery changes depending on the picture content. You an see a slight step-wise decrease when you look at darker contents in particular.

The Intel drivers turned out to be the problem. The two options "Improved Power-Saving mode" and "Display-Refresh Rate" in the global settings have to be deactivated for each profile. These options are not new, but they were never active on the ThinkPads we tested so far.

The maximum luminance is now also available on battery power. The black value is also very good at 0. There is only minor backlight bleeding, but it is not annoying. We could not detect PWM flickering. One drawback of the screen is — similar to the ThinkPad E — the color accuracy.

The deviations for the blue colors are particularly high up to A calibration improves the results and helps the grayscale in particular, because the average DeltaE deviation drops to just 0. The slightly warm color temperature is now also very close to the ideal value of Kelvin, which is also the case for the Gamma value ideal: 2. Only the improvements for the colors are limited, and the outliers for the blue colors are still visible. Our calibrated. That the color accuracy is lower at higher saturation levels is also associated with the low color gamut.

This is obviously sufficient for common office tasks, but the panel is not suited for professional picture editing. The ThinkPad T is not perfect outdoors. The matte screen helps reducing annoying reflections, but we already mentioned that the laptop reduces the maximum luminance on battery power. This is no problem on overcast days, but it is quickly tiring for the eyes in brighter environments or under sunlight. Update February 26th: The combination of maximum luminance also on battery, see above and matte display surface works well outdoors.

There are no limitations when you use the ThinkPad T on cloudy days, but we would have liked a higher luminance for very bright environments, because it will be tiring for the eyes. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. As expected, the IPS screen provides very wide viewing angles. You can only notice a brighter picture from an angle from above, but such viewing positions are quite rare in practice. The wide opening angle of the display also helps when you use the system on your lap.

The base frequency of the dual-core chip is 2. Intel still manufacturers the Kaby Lake processor in a 14 nm process, but the efficiency was improved compared to Skylake thanks to several optimizations. This is also the case here, so the processor can always utilize its full Turbo Boost potential. This is particularly interesting for the optional Core i7 , because the Core i5 from our test model does not even hit the Watt limit anyway.

The processor performance is not reduced on battery power. More benchmarks with the Intel Core iU are listed in our Tech section. The ThinkPad T performs very well in the synthetic PCMark 8 tests, which is not surprising with the powerful components. Subjectively, there are no problems, either. The system boots up very quickly, applications launch without delays and the whole system is extremely responsive. You can even increase the performance a bit with another memory module dual-channel configuration.

The available storage solutions for the ThinkPad T are quite interesting. Inside the chassis is a 2. This slot can either be equipped with a conventional 2. It is also possible to implement another SSD in the M. Lenovo's spec sheet, for example, lists a GB model or Intel's Optane solution 16 GB , which can act as cache in combination with a conventional hard drive.

Our test model is equipped with a GB M. The sequential transfer rates could be up to twice as high with an x4 interface. However, the impact in practice is negligible. As it is often the case with modern NVMe drives, the write results are unrealistically low in his benchmark without special drivers. The graphics output of the processor is handled by the integrated Intel HD Graphics The maximum clock is MHz in combination with the Core iU.

The iGPU does not have its own video memory, so it uses the normal system memory. Our test model is only equipped with one memory module, so the GPU cannot utilize its full potential. The performance of the HD Graphics is more than sufficient for business purposes, which is also a result of the integrated video decoder. Even high-resolution videos now also H. Similar to the processor, the GPU performance is not reduced on battery power. More benchmarks with the integrated graphics card are available here.

The gaming performance of the integrated Intel HD Graphics is not sufficient for smooth gameplay in modern games. If you still want to play some games, you should focus on older and less demanding titles. Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite from at least run smoothly on the lowest settings. More benchmarks with the Intel HD Graphics are available in our gaming list. The Lenovo ThinkPad T is a very quiet device. The single fan is usually deactivated while idling and with light workloads and you can enjoy a silent laptop.

We can only notice occasional periods when the fan starts spinning, but the resulting The fan reacts a bit delayed to workloads and then increases its speed in steps not seamless. Our measurement device shows This is audible, but the murmur is subjectively very convenient and never annoying.

However, you only notice it because the fan is often deactivated. The cooling system of the ThinkPad T with the iGPU consists of one heat pipe with a single fan, which dissipates the heat at the left side of the chassis. The SKU with the dedicated graphics card — you can easily see its intended position left next to the processor on the mainboard — will probably have a secondary heat pipe.

We already know this solution from the ThinkPad Tp. Our test model does not have any problems with the cooling of the ULV processor. The hot spot under load is concentrated to the area around the processor and the heat pipe. You can usually use the system very comfortably on your lap in practice, and there are absolutely no problems on the desk. Our stress test with the tools Prime95 and FurMark at least one hour on mains is not a big challenge for the ThinkPad T Thanks to the increased TDP limit, both components can maintain their maximum respective clocks over the course of the review.

We can only see one small "drop" to 3. A 3DMark 11 run immediately after the stress test did not determine a lower score, but we did not expect anything else. Lenovo does not reduce the performance of the two components on battery power. We can once again see a steady clock of 3. The two stereo speakers are located at the front of the sides and direct the sound towards the bottom. The result will therefore be muffled on soft surfaces. The two module manage a decent maximum volume of around 80 dB A and there are no distortions when you crank it up.

Our audio analysis shows a good performance for the mids in particular. Subjectively, however, the sound appears tinny, which is a result of the poor coverage of low frequencies. The performance is obviously sufficient for video conferences and occasional videos, but we recommend headphones or external speakers for music playback. We had no problems connecting a Bluetooth speaker Denon Envaya Mini and the playback via 3. There are no surprises in the consumption measurements and the ThinkPad T is a very frugal device with light workloads.

We cannot criticize a consumption between 3. The load results are almost identical to the predecessor ThinkPad T , but there is one important difference. Our test model maintains the maximum consumption of little more than 34 Watts, while the predecessor quickly ran into the TDP limitation and the consumption dropped.

The compact Watt power adapter grams does not have any problems with the maximum consumption and there should still be sufficient headroom for the faster Core i7. Lenovo once again uses the Power Bridge technology with two batteries.

A 3-cell battery lithium polymer with 24 Wh is located inside the chassis. There is another "external" battery at the rear of the laptop, which can easily be removed. This also works in operation hot swap ; the system will drain the external battery first. Our test model is shipped with the small external battery, which has a capacity of 24 Wh as well lithium ion, 3 cells and sits flush with the chassis. There are two optional batteries with a higher capacity both 6 cells lithium ion of 48 or 72 watt hours.

They increase the weight and slightly lift the chassis at the rear, but we still like this solution. The weight will certainly not be a big problem when you really need longer battery runtimes. Our WiFi test at an adjusted luminance of around nits -2 levels for our test model determines a good runtime of hours and therefore easily beats the predecessor ThinkPad T 46 Wh, hours.

The new ThinkPad T can also beat the comparison devices in the video test. A loop of our test video Big Buck Bunny, H. The minimum runtime under load is almost 2 hours, which is an average result within the comparison group.

The new ThinkPad T put up a convincing performance in many sections, despite some drawbacks. The new chassis is only slightly smaller and lighter than before, but both the build quality and the stability are very good. The keyboard is still one of the best inputs in the mobile segment, only a slightly brighter background illumination would be nice. Lenovo also improved the port selection for this update and implements all important standards, including the future-proof Thunderbolt 3.

The connectivity is rounded off by the fast WiFi module and the comprehensive security features. The performance of the laptop is very good and there are no limitations even under extreme workloads. Lenovo increases the power consumption of the processor, so the Core i7 processor is — compared to many rivals — an interesting option.

The cooling solution does not have any problems with the ULV chip. Lenovo's ThinkPad T is a very good business notebook. Only picture editing is not possible on the panel due to the limited color gamut and the comparatively high color deviations. The display is still one of the biggest drawbacks, although Lenovo improved the luminance as well as the contrast ratio. It is not suited for picture editing, you will probably once again have to upgrade to the more expensive Ts review soon for this purpose.

Asus recently launched ZenBook UX showed what a good inch panel looks like. We would obviously prefer a better panel, but have to take a look at the target audience as well. Most companies will not use the ThinkPad T for picture editing, and if they do, they will probably use it in combination with large external monitors. Subjectively, however, we are happy with the panel. The last aspect is the high price of more than 1, Euros.

However, you also have to consider the three-year on-site service, which is often an optional upgrade for the competitors. You can save some bucks with a standard SSD, and it will not really affect the subjective performance. Overall, the ThinkPad T is currently one of the best office laptops thanks to the low emissions, the great input devices, the good performance, and long battery runtimes.

We reward this performance with our Editor's Choice award.

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