KADASTR is an office in Armenia. KADASTR is situated nearby to ԲՀԿ, and close to Փեթակ. KADASTR from Mapcarta, the open map. Works in the field of cadastral registration, registration of property rights and real estate transactions, provides related services to the society and. Kadastr bespozvonochnykh zhyvotnykh Voronezhskoy oblasti [Cadastre of invertebrates of Voronezh province of Russia]. Dmitry A. Dmitriev. MAC BROADCAST How to on the. In some server must be run with no found: 0. Some have priority, whether Can recover being potentially to bare but the more players of the a small account password.

The development of the GIS database involved the implementation of two stages. At the first stage of formation of the initial land assessment base, the attribute table included data from the Public Cadastral Map of Ukraine on land plots within the settlement by the following items: cadastral number of land plot, area, form of ownership, purpose and functional use of land plot , the number of the cadastral zone in which each land is located, the number of the land assessment area of the settlement, the value of the base value of land, the value of the zonal coefficient Km2 , the coefficient characterizing the functional purpose of the land Kf , information on the location street name.

The second stage involved the calculation of the value of the normative monetary valuation of each of the land plots and was performed using the built-in Arc Map function "Calculation of numerical values". After the development of the GIS database, the testing stage of the developed land assessment database was performed, which involved the use of various query execution, geospatial analysis, the use of buffering functions, topological overlay intersection. As a result of the analysis, the following maps were constructed: "Influence of local factors on the distance of land from the center of the settlement", "Influence of local factors on the distance of land from highways", "Influence of local factors on the environmental situation", "Influence of local factors on security electricity", "Influence of local factors on the distance from paved roads", "Influence of local factors on the provision of centralized water supply", "Influence of local factors on the provision of centralized sewerage", "Influence of local factors on the provision of centralized gas supply", "Map plots according to the results of normative monetary assessment" , "Map of the establishment of buffer zones by the value of local coefficients" , "Map of coastal protection strips around water bodies with the allocation of zones of their intersection with land".

Due to the application of special functions of geospatial analysis available in the GIS environment, examples of development of highly informative cartographic materials in the form of special pricing zoning of the territory of the settlement are shown. The expediency of the application of the GIS database for the tasks of monitoring the quality of land, compliance with their legal regime and the possibility of monitoring the implementation of fiscal obligations by landowners and users. The presence of crisis tendencies in the issues of establishing and changing the boundaries of the territories of territorial communities and settlements has been stated.

It was emphasized that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted 24 orders on the definition of administrative centers and approval of the territories of territorial communities. As a result, 1, territorial communities have been established in the country including 31 territorial communities in the uncontrolled territory within the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

Such situations lead to the fact that a significant number of administrative-territorial units do not have established boundaries, which in turn makes it impossible to achieve the development goals of territorial communities and settlements. At the same time, the boundaries of most territories of territorial communities and settlements are not established, and when changing boundaries there are issues that require a better system of legal documents that would regulate scientifically sound establishment change of boundaries affecting community regulation of environmental and economically acceptable use lands.

A number of changes to the legal documents are proposed, such as: preliminary registration in the SCC of project boundaries of territorial communities and settlements, obligations for certified land surveying engineers to verify the intention to establish change boundaries. It is proposed to establish change the boundaries taking into account the principles of "public administration", namely: the principle of self-organization of civil society and the principle of feedback. The article analyzes the formation, spread and development of behavioral economics in microeconomic research, as well as its development in macroeconomic research over the past two decades.

The key shortcomings of neoclassical macroeconomic models and their critique based on existing research and practical application by central bankers are highlighted. The key stages in the formation of behavioral macroeconomics, elements of which began to appear in the works of neoclassical macroeconomists, have been identified. The main arguments in favor of replacing neoclassical macroeconomic models with new behavioral macroeconomic models are presented, as well as key issues of behavioral macroeconomics and prospects for its further adoption as a basic concept for decision-making for governments.

Key studies of behavioral economists on behavioral macroeconomic models, most of which are agents-based microfoundations-based , have been identified and systematized. Based on the results of testing various behavioral models by world-renowned scientists, as well as our analysis, it is proposed to focus further macroeconomic research on behavioral models based on the activities of agents microfoundations.

Possibilities of application of geoinformation modelling for the selection of land plots of non-agricultural purpose are considered. An analysis of the state of the study of issues related to the automation of decision support and the use of geographic information support for environmental issues. The use of geoinformation modelling for the selection of non-agricultural land plots is considered.

This study describes the structuring of the general algorithm for establishing the necessary and impossible locations of objects and their limitations through a functional model. The functional model of site selection is generally common, i. The article analyses the requirements for the selection of areas for two types of facilities: filling station and disposal tip.

Geoinformation models of a selection of non-agricultural land plots for the placement of certain objects have been developed and implemented. As a result of this work, it is determined that the selection of land for the location of some non-agricultural facilities can use an algorithm that allows you to automate some stages of determining the territory.

The results of the work can be used in community planning to form spatial decisions on the use of non-agricultural facilities. Scientific approaches to the role of regime-forming objects in the formation of restrictions on land use, which have been studied by scientists in land management, economic and legal areas, are considered. The approaches to the formation of the classifier of regime-forming objects by certain relevant groups in relation to the zones with the limited regime of land use and the territories that are formed around them are analyzed.

A group of territories with limited land use regime by functional zone is considered on the example of the territory of water bodies. An analysis of the legislative provision on the list of restrictions on land use and the list of territorial zones of water bodies.

The comparison of the existing list of restrictions on land use land plots and the formed division of regime-forming objects in accordance with the legislation of levels on the example of the territory of water bodies is given. The issue of physical area calculation has been scrutinized in the article. The research rationale is predefined by the influence of the accuracy of land plot area determination on the economic, environmental, and social components of land tenure. The issue of physical characteristics of a land plot at the determination of its area has been singled out in the article.

The goal of the research is the substantiation of the use of land plot physical area calculation methodology in the current social and economic environment. The notion of land plot physical area has been provided. The trends of the application of land plot physical area determination methodology have been systemized. The methodology of land plot physical area determination by means of marking out polygons and determining the average slope has been used. The calculations of land plot area considering the relief at various quantities of the division of a triangle side have been made.

Comparison with the calculation of area without considering the relief has been performed. The regression analysis of the dependence of physical area change with the change of the quantity of triangle side divisions has been carried out. The calculation of the relief complexity index for the determination of land plot physical area has been presented.

This calculation confirms the economic viability of the determination of a land plot physical area by the suggested methodology at land improvement and agrotechnical activities. The result can be used for various works connected to the spatial aspects of land use and in the following scientific researches.

General data about processes of creation and formation of stocks of amber in the territory of Ukraine are presented. Background for the problem of illegal amber mining was specified. Illegal amber mining using motor pumps led to destruction of the soil and also to sharp deterioration of water-physical properties.

SOON In the first person The mission that we had before has long grown out of the task of maintaining the state real estate cadastre. Now it consists in providing a whole range of services. The main vector today is the development, improvement of customer orientation and speed of service delivery. Employees of the Federal Cadastral Chamber are continuously work on creation of new products and services.

For example, we are working on creating an Analytical Center that will allow us to contribute to the development of Russian business. Its operators provide round-the-clock consultations, helps clarify the status of the application, and provide any background information.

Also, for the convenience of citizens, we have organized outreach services for providing services and courier delivery of documents. We are glad to help you solve everyday, but difficult tasks: from obtaining an extract from the EGRN to selecting a list of documents required for a particular real estate transaction. Our mission is to do everything possible to provide services quickly, efficiently and conveniently.

Our goal is to make you happy when working with the Federal Cadastral Chamber. The Cadastral Chamber works in the field of cadastral registration, registration of property rights and real estate transactions and provides related services to the population and business in every region of Russia.

Since , it has been under the jurisdiction of the Federal state registration service. The Federal Cadastral Chamber provides information from the EGRN, adopts the statement on the cadastral account and or registration of rights, enters information about the borders of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, municipalities and localities, zones with special conditions for using the territories, cultural heritage sites and other objects in the EGRN. In , the Cadastral Chamber launched a project to reengineer existing electronic services for providing public services for individuals and legal entities.

Also, according to the transformation plan of the institution, an Analytical Center for real estate market participants and the business community will be created on the basis of the Federal Cadastral Chamber. Complex of services in the field of real estate. Works in the field of cadastral registration, registration of property rights and real estate transactions, provides related services to the society and business in each region of Russia. Maintains cadastral maps, determines the coordinates of the points of land boundaries.

The IT team of the Cadastral Chamber accompanies and ensures the smooth operation of information systems. Experts provide information from the EGRN about real estate objects, their characteristics and registered rights.

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