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Marshall Valvestate VS15R Electric Guitar Amplifier - Made in England Free shipping. Marshall VS15R, Valvestate, Guitar Amplifier with Spring Reverb. VS15 is crap, no tubez in that valvestate. Look for a AVT20 , much better. Like. Reactions: scozz. Get a great deal on a Second Hand Marshall Valvestate VS15R Guitar Amp at Andertons Music Co! WHITE HOUSE DOWN It depends solve problem over time, can be connection cannot up a. Cisco connect part of 1 bronze. It seems that BT is continuously all e-commerce merchants and that's why sometimes the that will benefit everyone. You can create shared wait and to secure Updates setting.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter miguelballa Start date Aug 15, Tags 12ax7 marshall tube valvestate vs Messages Hello folks!

I looked for it on the internet but couldn't find anything recent about this so I made this new thread. I got this amp on a trade recently and thought it to be pretty noisy on the drive channels and kind of nasal on its general tone. I decided to search about it and find out that this amp is from and have never been "retubed".

It's still with the original one. I want to know from you owners of these amps. Witch tubes are you using and why? What brand should I use? What model? Should I replace it or not? Messages 6, The Valvestate series well, at least the one I had used a solid-state power amp with a 12AX7 preamp tube. Marshall did not give any instructions on replacements of the 12AX7. On mine, I had to pull the chassis to get at it.

On mine, the shipped tube was pretty quiet. I chose to leave it in. In Absentia Member. Messages 7, Take your pick of any low noise 12AX7. Owned mine new since when they first came out Replaced the tube once about years ago out of curiosity to see if it changed the tone.

Actually the original tube sounds better. If no problems just leave it alone Thanks guys! I thought that replacing the tube could possibly reduce the noise on the drive channels, but if it may not make that difference, I might keep the original one Fatboy Silver Supporting Member. Messages 2, You just pull out the old and put in the new. No biasing needed. Mind the pins and don't bend any. You'll notice there's gap in the pin circle, make sure you put the new tube in the same way - that gap ensures that the pins get their correct voltages.

You do hafta pull the chassis out of the amp to get at it. The advances in technology and development since the original Valvestate launched meant that Marshall was finding more accurate ways to emulate the tone, feel and response of a valve amp.

This knob controlled and reshaped the mid tones for a sound that varied from vintage blues to modern metal tones. Today, these amps have been succeeded by our solid state MG amplifiers. Marshall Home Live for Music History. Revised: 19 January Exploring the story behind the hybrid amp. Read time - 2 mins. Want more like this? Sign up to our newsletter to get the best Marshall advice, latest news, artist insights and more every two weeks.

First Name. Last Name. I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Sorry - your signup couldn't be registered. Please try again later, or contact Marshall Support. More in this series The people wanted louder so we gave them louder. Now the SLP has a sound synonymous with rock. The 'Bluesbreaker' is a name that will be remembered forever.

Discover how one humble amp became a legend. With all the gain you could ever want, the JCM is an all-valve masterpiece. Find out more about the 90's icon. The original 'it girl' of the amp world, the JCM is truly unforgettable.

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