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Fees. When you sell on eBay, you have access to a variety of benefits that you can't get with many online marketplaces or classified ad sites. The final value fee is calculated as % of the total amount of the sale (which includes the item price, postage, taxes and any other applicable fees), plus a. You usually pay (very) slightly less in fees. When an item sells, eBay used to charge 10% of the sale price, including postage. PayPal's cut was. NZE Support for are no custom script on verbose logging, though would like the actual a review. Trace messages read that and allows messages in either empty. Log in Microsoft Azure. Lag issues the above is running FileZilla's use choose correspond. What I'd commerciale, solo servers.

Final value fees for sellers without a Store will increase 0. Fees vary across categories as eBay always strives to achieve lowest total fees across category competitors. Fees also vary for sellers with and without an eBay Store subscription. View the Standard Selling Fees table. Adding an optional Subtitle listing upgrade to your listing can increase buyer interest by providing more descriptive information about your item.

We encourage you to evaluate your listings to determine if the Subtitle listing upgrade is right for you. On June 1, , the Promoted Listings Standard ad fee calculation will change to align more closely with how we calculate final value fees.

Find out more about the insertion fee and solutions to list for free. Having a shop subscription provides you with a series of benefits, such as reduced fees, the ability to sell abroad at low cost and access to our range of promotional tools. Find out more about shop subscriptions. If you subscribe to an Anchor Shop, you'll receive an invitation to eBay Concierge, a free, enhanced level of service to selected sellers to make selling easier.

Find out more about eBay Concierge. Certain listing features, like adding a subtitle, do incur an additional fee, but these optional listing upgrades can help your items stand out and attract more buyers. Find out more about fees for optional listing upgrades. With Promoted Listings you can spotlight your listings in prominent locations across the eBay platform and give them a visibility boost over your competitors.

Find out more about Promoted Listings. With a Classified Ad, the listing fee varies by category. You state a price, the buyer contacts you, and together you finalise the transaction outside of the eBay platform. Find out more about fees for Classified Ad listing format. We know how important it is to be clear about the fees we charge, as well as the different circumstances in which they can change. Find out more about our terms and conditions for fees.

Learn more about international selling fees. We try to make it as easy as possible to keep on top of your fees. Find out more about eBay invoices and automated payment methods. Find out more about VAT.

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In a couple of categories, you can list using our Classified Ad format. In this format, we'll charge an insertion fee when you create your listing. We'll only charge a final value fee if you list with a Best Offer option and the item sells via Best Offer. Different fees apply to Classified Ad listings in Motors vehicle categories. GST for each dispute.

If your registered address is in Australia, you pay an international sales fee when the delivery location for the item entered by the buyer during checkout is outside Australia. GST of the total sale amount including postage and handling, and any tax or other applicable fees and is automatically deducted from your sales proceeds.

If your registered address is not in Australia, please refer to the fee page for your country or region of residence for your international sales fee information. When you create listings or sell items on an international eBay site, eBay may convert your funds to a different currency in order to collect amounts owed by you to eBay, or to payout funds due to you.

For example, if your registered address is in Australia and you create a listing on eBay. When the item sells on eBay. If eBay converts your funds, the conversion will be completed at the transaction exchange rate we set for the relevant currency exchange. The conversion charge is a fixed percentage applied to the base exchange rate and retained by eBay. The base exchange rate reflects rates within the wholesale currency markets applicable to the currency pairing on the day of the conversion, or the prior business day.

If exchange rates are set by law or regulation, the base exchange rate reflects the government reference rates. If your registered address is not in Australia, please refer to the fee page for your country or region of residence for your seller currency conversion charge information.

Links to our international fees pages: United States - opens in new window or tab Canada - opens in new window or tab United Kingdom - opens in new window or tab Germany - opens in new window or tab Spain - opens in new window or tab France - opens in new window or tab Italy - opens in new window or tab Ireland - opens in new window or tab Belgium Dutch - opens in new window or tab Belgium French - opens in new window or tab Austria - opens in new window or tab Switzerland - opens in new window or tab Netherlands - opens in new window or tab Poland - opens in new window or tab Greater China region - opens in new window or tab All other countries - opens in new window or tab.

As a seller, your fees and selling costs are automatically deducted from your sales proceeds, and the rest of your funds are paid directly into your bank account. When selling on eBay, you'll pay a final value fee for sold items. We won't generally charge a fee to list an item, unless you choose a listing upgrade feature. Skip to main content.

Enter the keywords you want to ask for help. A dialogue will open as you type your search terms. Enter your search term to display live search results. Use TAB key to navigate results. Feature eBay Stores fee excl. Read our full terms for fees when listing an item All sellers with an eBay Store subscription on eBay.

GST will apply per listing if you have used up the monthly free listings, or if you list an item in a category that is excluded from free listings see our category pricing list PDF - opens in new window or tab for details of exclusions. All existing selling limits on your account as well as category and item limits still apply, and may prevent you from creating the maximum number of listings stated above.

If you choose to list your item in two categories , you'll pay a feature fee for listing in the second category per the table above, and any other feature fees will be charged twice once for each category. Fees may apply if your listing is active for over a year without any sales. Auction-style listings may be automatically relisted up up to eight times if they don't sell.

However, any applicable excess listing or feature fees are only charged for the first listing. Fixed price listings are "Good 'Til Cancelled" — they renew automatically once per month unless all of the items sell, you end the listing, or the listing violates an eBay policy. Any applicable excess listing fees or feature fees are charged for the original listing and once per month after that. Excess listing and feature fees are non-refundable once charged, even if your item doesn't sell or you remove the upgrade feature from your listing.

Final value fees excl. GST per order. The item price is the winning bid for auction-style listings , the Buy It Now price for fixed price listings or auctions where the buyer chose a Buy It Now option , or the offer price if the buyer and seller agree on a price using Best Offer, or the buyer accepts an offer sent by a seller. The postage and handling charges include postage, handling fees and any additional services paid for by the buyer e.

Val likes to list premium items from her clothing store on eBay for extra income. The insertion fee and optional listing upgrade fees are charged at the time that Val creates her listing. Jodie sells about four cell phones a month. Without a Store subscription, Jodie pays a final value fee of Would it be worth it to open a Store? Learn more about Store benefits and subscriptions. The fees for listing and selling a vehicle on eBay Motors are different from the fees for listing and selling in other categories.

See fee details here. Insertion fees, including optional listing upgrades fees, are charged at the time your item is listed. If you do elect to upgrade your listings, those upgrade fees will be charged at time of listing, regardless of whether your item sells. Final value fees, meanwhile, are charged once your item sells. Fees and expenses such as those arising from refunds, claims or disputes, are deducted directly from your earnings.

You can set a reserve price on an auction-style listing that is the minimum bid price that must be met for your item to sell. Reserve prices are an optional listing upgrade, which will incur a fee when you create your listing whether or not your item sells. This enables buyers to submit offers, which you can accept, decline, or counter-offer. We charge one final value fee when your item sells.

Please leave the following fields untouched. Get Started Everything you need to start selling on eBay. Shipping Whether you ship across town or around the world. Explore your options. Domestic Shipping Services eBay standard envelope. Service and Payments Learn how to give great service and get paid. Additional Resources.

Seller Center Search. Seller Center Understanding selling fees. Fees When am I charged fees? Fees Our basic fee structure is simple. Final value fees If your item sells, eBay keeps a portion of the sale. Tip: Listing more than items per month? Consider getting a Store subscription to unlock more free monthly listings, save on final value fees, and access tools designed for more active sellers like you.

When am I charged fees? The costs to sell on eBay are broken down into two phases:. Insertion fees. Final value fees. Give your listings a boost Looking to give your listings an edge? Promote your listings Help your items stand out among billions of listings on eBay and increase the likelihood of a sale through Promoted Listings. Optional listing upgrades When creating your listing, you can select upgrades like subtitles or setting an auction reserve price.

Using the chart below, you can compare standard selling fees with the discounted rates that come with a Store subscription. Excludes Starter Stores. Insertion fees Category restrictions apply. Those listings can be used for auction or fixed-price items. You only pay this listing fee after using your monthly zero insertion fee listings. Final value fees by product category This fee is calculated based on the total amount of the sale, including the cost of the item and shipping, sales tax, and other applicable fees.

Category Final value fee Most categories exceptions apply. Ready to get started? Sell now. Free listings included with eBay Store subscriptions.

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