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Featuring a durable flat-edge design and Super Retina XDR display, the waterproof smartphone is available in five color options, including Blue. Apple promotes the iPhone XR's Liquid Retina display in this new TV commercial. Titled 'Color Flood', the new ad video shows loads of colorfully. The definitive list of songs used by Apple Inc. in commercials, keynote addresses, /03 iPhone 4 "Apps" "iBooks" "iPod + iTunes" "Retina". IMAC CON DISPLAY RETINA ASSOCIATES A full-screen it is. If the of companies for credentials then multiple result tabs for the vulnerable to a locally connect from category "Functional". The first table list let you licenses took and was immediately popular Technician Logins.

But because this youngster did his searching and browsing using…. The soundtrack to this ad is a tune titled Come Along that was released last year by…. Titled 'Color Flood', the new ad video shows loads of colorfully dressed men and women running through a city, with…. Apple UK promotes their Group FaceTime technology in this latest December A Little Company TV advert, which features a selection of Elvis impersonators from a number of countries, collaborating as is they were all performing….

Apple's new 'A Little Company' holiday season iPhone commercial shows a selection of Elvis impersonators from around the world joining up for a singalong using Group FaceTime, which now allows up to 32 users. The animated advert tells the story of an artistically talented young girl who…. Apple Event M1 transition. Olivia Rodrigo Made on iPad video.

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September Keynote — Opening Film.

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Regardless, it would be a great addition, which will make the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max displays even more Even better, it is believed that the regular iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini might also join the Always-On display party!

Now, bear with me! If the fact that Apple is preparing to sell million iPhones in no time, another strong point to lean on is the sales of the And guess what! Say it with me… the displays! However, what we know is that people went Bananas for those iPhone 6 Apples.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus exceeded million sold units. Now, Apple has a chance to cause another boom effect, once people find out that the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max really do feel much faster, smoother, and more responsive thanks to the Hz ProMotion display, A15 chip, and of course, iOS In the end, we are glad that Apple is finally going to join the high-refresh-rate club. The iPhone 13 series is expected to be unveiled in the third week of September , which is about a month away.

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Please, contact us. Join the discussion Latest News. Verizon reports industry leading million retail connections. Apple announces free repair program for some Watch Series 6 units. T-Mobile suffers another system breach, this time at the hands of teen hackers. It's coming!!! Google files trademark for the name Pixel Watch. Apple's iOS is slowly cutting into Android's global market share lead. Popular stories.

Blind camera comparison results: Apple takes the cake. Looking for iPhone 5 or 4S info? Check out our guides to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. Motorola Droid X comparisons. Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4 today, which he claims offers over new features, though he would focus on only a handful for the keynote. The iPhone 4 looks like the iPhone prototype obtained under questionable circumstances by Gizmodo: stainless steel casing, all-glass front, and a design Jobs describes as the thinnest smartphone on the planet: almost 25 percent thinner than the iPhone 3GS..

Unlike previous iPhones, the iPhone 4 will have volume controls on the side of the phone along with an accessible microSIM tray. Jobs went on to highlight the bands around the side of the iPhone 4 that caused much speculation in the wake of the leaked prototypes. The result is a 3. Jobs said the A4 processor improved power management, so the iPhone 4 will manage 40 percent more talk time on 3G networks up to 7 hours , or up to 6 hours of 3G Web browsing or 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing.

The device can also play up to 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, and should have an standby time of up to hours. The iPhone 4 will also support The iPhone 4 also sports a gyroscope, which enables six-axis motion sensing…just like a game controller, and iPhone OS 4 will offer developer APIs to leverage the gyroscope: Jobs envisions the gyroscope enabling whole new types of mobile gaming.

The iPhone 4 will feature a 5 megapixel camera with a backside-illuminated sensor, which Jobs says increases the amount of light captured by the sensor, resulting in better photographs , particularly in low-light situations. The camera will also record HD video at p resolution and 30 frames per second, and the LED flash can be used to light video as well. However, Apple is pushing the video editing envelope with a new iMovie application for iPhone, that enables users to assemble and trim clips and record directly into an iMovie timeline.

Users can also add camera photos to their movies complete with the pan-and-scan Ken Burns effect , and iMovie for iPhone will enable users to add titles and transitions to their videos. The iPhone 4 camera embeds geolocation information in video; iMovie for iPhone can optional display display that information. Users can also add music as a soundtrack to their video, and select from a number of pre-generated themes. Apple also announced a version of iBooks will be available for iPhone, with feature parity to the iPad edition complete with previously-announced PDF and annotations support.

The applications will be able to synchronize across devices, so users will be able to start reading an iBook on an iPad, then pick up at the same spot on the iPhone. Users will be able to download purchased books to all their supported devices at no extra charge.

However, developers will probably be more intrigued by a boatload of new APIs and significantly deepened features. Developers at WWDC will be able to set hands on a release candidate today. As outlined last April, Apple is aiming for high amounts of interactivity and engagement with iAds, building on HTML5 technologies rather than the still-industry-standard Adobe Flash.

Apple will host all the advertising and handle ad sales, so all applications developers have to do is specify where in the applications the ads should be placed, then collect 60 percent of the revenue from placements in their applications.

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