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The aboi. By the last change in the departments he has given tip tic control of Indian AtVairs, much to the beuetit of the Indians, and in future will content himself with being the Premier and the President of theft'ouncil. The r. Mackenzie ruined his vigorous health be. Were this. Who will say that Dominion square is not worth a great «leal more now than when it was expropriated and will not be worth five times us much a century lienee, while the property benefited should improve equally?

Why, then, should not the people-of a century hence Ik? At lhe oiMM. Oreeiishtel'lr handed in a new charge from Mr. I ieoffrionasked if the charge could legally be received, and the Mayor replied that he believed it could. Both in numbers au»l iu amount of liabilities involved there ha» been a steady increase dut ing the year. During the last three months there have been. The Mayor remarked that he believed there was an opinion of the City Attorney extant, and that it was to tho effect that a member was not disqualified under such circumstances.

Ib-b-fc petty; there was a suit pending between the witness. NVcr know t. Wit knowledge. At tlie suggestion of Lord Lans. Saw Aid. IWumleit, who said he Paient would likely have u hsrd job, oaing to tin- feeling against Delisle; Aid. Beausoleil was in ;lin». Mon signor O Lrieu. H» ren aike»] tz. This will cost atiout Will the Council vote the money V , wlii' h Ids organs iccept»;»! These gentlemen will not, however, be 1 jealous, f grow ri it by transactions quite ouUide of their re gular iiusiuess.

Hebert and Dumaine. The Mayor xaid the three witness limit h id been readied in this cast-, and no nan es had b»»-n mentioned. Suppose they examined eight , m hat r. All the evidence would I». Pagnuelo said he iMiwed t-» the Miyir'4 decision. Outside influences had finally to le- brought to bear to get the Corporate n to ersse the line of tlie str.

Wit-ness heard that Delisle w. Grenier it w. McCnlloch tL tin- ha. The Montreal Amateur Athletic Associa t. There can be Church, flit. Witn-s»' c'. Did noU-cmeirdwr whether the ;nititirpor it j. Laurent talked to bin.

The volunteerH lullh. Among thoae who iMMemblcd ftt the C. White, Lieut. Walker tittingly replied. The route lay through Notre Dame and St. The visitors are a soldierly set of gentlemen. Each man, in fact, wore the uniform of the militia corps to which he belonged. The infantry had guns, the artillery sabres. An enormous crowd had assembled at the Windsor. There the guard. You'll not think it sir.

Hicks Sc Co. YNti P. Ti-leidviiit- No. The skin has woll boon define. Monique street, to establish a healthful, vigorous action of the skin. See to it, that you hush your drains, and thus keep sweet and clean. The Original I'oiupuslllou Itoullng. Newest K. An Anicricaii Oratorio. Kor Common flcfi ' ls,50,ts.

C'liaruiiug Hehool rtoue Coliccliou. M7 Ilroadway. New York. Vt; FI. Much interest is felt by the Deal volunteer Cr »s m the present vint. Kor l,re. Saiu ile« eut hy until to any place iu Canada. A p rJ-feet remedy for Dizd4 nc? Allrllon y nd 4 iliuilltialun llii-lncsa. Yalamiona, Apiirnlsala, mid Mnrvcy», for Underwriter». Liberal advances made on conaigiuiienU. The umlrrsigneil wR sell hy public au.

Hh dept , l. ThoiiiHon Sc Co. MI HI4 They do not care to publish anything but tho U-st music, and their name is a guarantee of merit. I», made hy Hackett Engine Co. Lathe, 3 ft. KU-am Engine. Upright Engine. Grinder for Moule. Hand I'uiup. Rower Rump. Htcam Rumps. Jig Haw. IVootl-working Hhaper.

Hhiugle Machine h Bteaia Hammer, 4-inch cylinder. K, And lon-. YT, Ilk Itrl,, nl 10 a. T Braver Hull Hill, Conxr. DC VI 0«. II4IN, 17! Cali, and Judoi for Yoit. Applications lo 0 addreaw -l to the Secretary. I By order I, 4. Nvrrs, m Inj'irie. Mend fur i. A ' ASK. Still another mw and exciting epiaode in the lUchelaca i a in.

Penu lurtler itecl. Tk ;s h. A lively tine may be exjiected wi. Tuesday, October 4, 1S8T. City Treasurer, has sent the following statement to the Chairman of Finance : r. The days pass quickly, and what is to »L»n». High V hool.

High 8»r. E» Tr. The In- si». Two siaurs. Roiit's-a i, it is learned, intevl» rinn. An -ting'd Coon-. H -g ies la-t Sunday morning by cutting his throat. Baiun Baden, Oct. Daubigny, director of tin- e»tabli»hment, delivered tie inaugural address. Spscil to the W Hnt it. Winnipeg, Oct. The Province will probably now continue W' rk in the general railway act. Ryan, tlie contractor, denies he was inflm-nced in his action by other than tinancial considers ti'-n, and says he will go ahead as soon as the estimai»sare paid.

Ho will not work, however, in defiance of injunctions and thus make himself liable to iniprif-nment. Spteiol to the H'ifnrtL Winnipeg, Oct. Nnrquay and Lariviere lyith [»laeonsibiliry. Special to the Witness. Qi'EUEt', October 4. The Island tragedy inquest closed last evening after the examination of a few more wit-nessts. On the other band it was proven that if the military had taken any trouble the five unexploded sliells cou!

By the coroner's order all the unexploded shells were brought back to Quebec last night. AN emphatic denial. At a meeting of the Directors of the Lake St. Beetner will have the contracts. A sfiecial g» n»rd on the loss. Ilia boily was sent ashore here yes terday for intern ent. Thereupon all th»-ir hands refoaed to continue work. Towards evening the difficulty was amicably settled by tin- pro prietor agreeing to take back the objectionable employee.

It is said Mgi. Barry, of Fabrique street, and badly damaged the adjoining book atore anil stock of Air. The proprietor, Mr. Ham», is also insured. Sjxcial to tlie Witness, Oct. The Rev. The lecture was in Erskine Church, tied Mr. Chiniquy will lectin-to-night and to-motrow night in other Bresby-terian churches f tliiscity.

Besides the owning lecture at tin- former, there were short speeches by Dr. Bray, of Chatham, Di, K- sebrugh. Butts and Hon-G. Kt Mathew dree», on Oct. M Alfml Kavis, of a itsuahtrr. DIED, Mll. All im-mt ers no- spe. Montreal L, I. N Notre D»tm- St re. KASE of Stor-j, t, joth April nev' will sis-» Is- offere»l at the -atnetiti 8t-»'k on view eviry day from 3to 4 oclock.

R, Auctioneeis. Fete Kt. C'-irati M'F. Yoper yard up Whitu Lim n l»lap« r Towelling, V per yard. Women s lrf»ns W-iol HtockuiK», 25o p-w l-air Women s i'. Women h Merino V- «t», 75c each. Women'» All -. M-ns All wool I mlendiirt», M e each. I ahle l. Votre lliitite street, l. Utd Door. An old fellow «ho had never before aeeii artll«ay a1. I e ot a-nufT. I don t b'lieve in no tich. In the window of a ectUgc In an Koellth village tl. My wile tl,rf» a vatider. Wiur do you attribute the ou rati v« proper, ii-s of vour spring f asketl a « isltor at a liealtii resort.

I de- lare I nev cr taw such a lioy! It's only a rose-word ; but it's very nicely polished. I had a seieu Oneliottlccured me. John M. Richards, sr. Franccla Xavier reel, takes the lead. Yesterday after door the opening lecture of the Faculty was de livered to a full attendance of student! Howard, presided, and among those of note present were Sir Win. Dawson and Drs, ti. Hoss, M. McCallum, Win. Gardner, Thomas G. Roddick, F, ,1.

Mac ionuell, T. Ruttan, W. Rlaokader, R. Ho edvised care in writing prescriptimis and compounding medicines. Sir James also criticised the cramming sj. Yesterday afternoon also saw the opening of another seispui of the Montreal School of Medicine and Surgery, in the m-w operating theatre at the Hotel Dieu, The president of the school, Dr.

The opening lecture was delivered by Dr. Hingston, professor of classical surgery, who enforced the fact that there was no royal mad to learning and no easy path to eminence m the profession. Self abnegv-liin was the distinguishing ipialiticatioo. Ho regretted the tendency now a days to be little the classic.

A little philosophy was of first moment to the physician, who in signs and symptoms must distinguish those which are of value from those which are born of accident. Witness Office. Tuevlsy, Oct. Hie weakest, the best, and worst of mankind f The hair of the Lead. It is pllhlLhtd in keys K flat and F. The inii-ie is of a martial and stirriu. Enquire at your niuslo denier cr both these songs.

Th -v arc puldished by Hie Aic. A MiNi-TPr. Presently he relumed for the money. An Olo Tiuk Fatoiiit». As a safeguard Pr. Lu:n A Mort. Iru i, NY. Transsi Hoi - «ire not a» larg. CiiicAUti, Oil. Iobimin, Oct. LivnRroot, Oct. U-mperature : max. Employment Wanted. AiSi'H u. Apply at ii?

Tu in,. U a seulleman a house ai d «table Ad. Address M. ANT ED. A tnurfma, up s tt wonis, prrpaul. Apply j W. I i- i:I:m x eti, s? I with Mi. P - gond w. Apply 31 P. N :r D,r. I »s 1». Nit tin Inrge aid nut U- l'. The whole in »-rfi-ct nnler Apply to O. Jninra slrrrl. N- iri D ime i tr,. AN I ED. New York : Berkley Books, New York : Pocket Books, New York : HarperCollins Publishers, New York : A. New York : Viking, c Princeton : Princeton University Press, c New York : Crown Publishers, c New York : Atria Books, New York : Pocket Books, c Reading Faulkner.

Absalom, Absalom! Urgo and Noel Polk. New York : Bantam Books, c New York : Harper, New York : Farrar, Straus, Giroux, Re-writing the script : gender and community in Elin W? London : Norvik Press, New York, N. Sailing to Capr.. Reno, Nev. New Castle, Del. New York : Atria Books, c New York : Harper, c Cambridge [Eng. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, Honolulu : University of Hawai? New York : Nan A. Talese : Doubleday, c Washington, D.

New York : Broadway Books, Don Mills, Ont. Carol Stream, Ill. New York : Orchard Books, Fleming and Sara J. Talese, c New York : Putnam, c Hall ; with a preface by Deborah Chappel-Traylor. Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c New York : Random House, c Martin's Minotaur, , c The historical imagination of G. Berkeley, Calif. New York : Warner Books, c New York : M. Evans, c The literatures of the U. Austin : University of Texas Press, Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, , c Madison, Wis.

Orlando : Harcourt, c New York : Harcourt, c New York : Kensington Books, c The secret adventures of Charlotte Bront? New York : Overlook Press, New York : HarperCollins, Lanham, Md. New York : Dial Press, c New York : Riverhead Books, Stanford, Calif. New York : Villard Books, c London ; New York : Continuum, c New York : Crown, c Evanston, Ill. Clermont-Ferrand : Paleo, What makes Sammy run? Coraghessan Boyle. Windows to the sun : D. Madison : Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, c New York : Mysterious Press, Thorndike, Me.

House, Charlottesville : University of Virginia Press, New York : Putnam, Bern ; New York : Peter Lang, c Paris : Grasset, c Namur : Editions namuroises, c Camus le juste? Paris : Imago, c Chevaucher le vide : essa.. Bern : Peter Lang, Paris : Hermann, c Paris : Cherche midi, Paris : B. Grasset, c Paris : Gallimard, c Versailles : Feryane, Paris : PUPS, c Oxford : Voltaire Foundation, Paris : Albin Michel, c Paris : Classiques Garnier, Bruxelles ; New York : P.

Peter Lang, c Paris : Bartillat, Paris : Seuil, c Berlin : Propyl? Moers : Brendow, c Frankfurt am Main : Weissbooks, c Poetologie politischer Lyrik : vergleichende Studien zu Theorie und Praxis des politischen Gedichtes im franz? Stuttgart : W. Kohlhammer, Ballads of the lords of New Spain : the codex Romances de los se? Knjiga re?.. Ljubljana :? Firenze : F. Cesati, c Saint-Denis : Presses universitaires de Vincennes, c I Frankfurt am Main : Peter Lang, c I London : Continuum, c I

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Deluxe Balcony Stateroom (Obstructed) - Majestic Princess Tour \u0026 Review 4K - Princess Cruises 2021

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