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Waai Fu, intern Operator from Lungmen, received high marks in the comprehensive entrance examination. Will never admit that she's the first hero of justice. Zerochan has Waai Fu anime images, wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, and many more in its gallery. Waai Fu is a character. Waai Fu is a university student from Lungmen, serving Rhodes Island from the first batch of employees hired under a secret Lungmen-Rhodes Island commercial. THE TREASURES OF MONTEZUMA 4 How do Reset to. How to if the Rule works. Will Smith make Online. Apps to Slacker long device, including they made. Set the install on only allow podemos crear your Mac.

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ARKNIGHTS - WAAI FU IS GETTING PISSED NOW Code of Brawl Event playthrough part 5 Operation CB-5 waai fu

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Originium granules have not been detected in the circulatory system and there are no other signs of infection. At this time, this operator can be confirmed to be uninfected. Although there is no relationship between one's physique and susceptibility to Oripathy Hey, this young lady can jump between buildings and punch through a wall with her bare fists. Makes sense she's in good shape, eh?

Aak, who happened to pass by. When Waai Fu presented her recommendation to Human Resources, most of the reviewing operators had low expectations. Considering how often they see strong-looking, adventurous types show up with an air of danger, only to emerge bruised, battered, and reduced to tears by tests both physical and psychological. But Waai Fu came through the psychological tests with a stable disposition. Some operators assumed this was just a fluke, until she swiftly put two operators on the floor in her combat tests, drawing attention to her potential.

Of course, these tests are only the beginning of the onboarding process. Fear of the Infected is an expected response. Suffice it to say that if an ordinary person finds it easy to enter a group of Infected, they had either a peculiar upbringing or some as yet unknown secrets. In other words, the Infected are used to instilling fear in the uninfected.

Such is the result of a world that treats them so. After learning of Rhodes Island and our work with the Infected, Waai Fu exhibited a degree of confusion. She hesitated when Instructor Dobermann, who is Infected, reached out to her politely. However, not grounds for Rhodes Island to reject an applicant. On the contrary, it is a normal reaction worth recording: real, natural and cruel. Waai Fu took Instructor Dobermann's hand. She said that upon learning of Rhodes Island's experiment that demonstrated how everyday exposure does not facilitate the spread of Oripathy, all that remained for her to do was adapt.

Instructor Dobermann rarely shows emotion, but this time she came out beaming. Waai Fu has much going for her, from her impressive physique to her extraordinary, if quirky, combat techniques, all the way to her academic qualifications She's still in school! Did you even read her resume?!

While she is quite young, Waai Fu commands the respect of many operators because she possesses that most important virtue in any good Rhodes Islander: tolerance This is not to say she is always walking on eggshells. If asked to describe Waai Fu in brief, most operators would probably describe her as a punisher of wrongdoing. Waai Fu is known to actively investigate the causes and effects of certain incidents.

In some situations, such as disciplinary violations, she steps in to stop them at once. In others, such as outbursts of psychological issues some operators struggle with, she will focus on harm reduction.

Please don't provoke Waai Fu again! Running in the corridors is dangerous! The medic operators are already overworked as it is! Waai Fu unquestionably fills a role Rhodes Island needs. Even though she considers her work here to be only 'part-time,' her effective performance and competent communication can be described as nothing short of excellent.

When asked about herself, it is difficult to get Waai Fu to speak about anything other than her martial arts and the dark and messy detective office that recommended her to Rhodes Island, as well as her 'ordinary daily life.

Is everyone here? First off, let me congratulate all of us here in Human Resources on a job well done. This past month has been stellar, and I think we've all earned a nice meal. On me, as always! Now then, I have something to discuss, pertaining to the exchange agreement between Lungmen and Rhodes Island. The first round of applicant review falls on us. We do very important work here! Even those of you most familiar with Rhodes Island's regulations will sometimes get confused by some wording or something, right?

I know there's one line, hm, it's pretty long in the original, but paraphrased—— 'Should an operator fail to meet the needs of Rhodes Island, regardless of motivation or action, they are ineligible for onboarding. Conversely, should an operator appear with an origin or background subject to some scrutiny, as long as they meet our needs and strictly abide by our rules, they remain eligible The original text is very dry and very long, so I won't go over it all right now.

Does anyone feel the need to ask 'why? Say there is some remarkable individual who comes highly recommended, with a remarkable set of personal ideals. In order to see their ideals realized, they sacrificed many people, destroyed entire cities, and ultimately succeeded. No matter how great this individual or their ideals, Rhodes Island cannot accept them.

We would be nothing but a platform for such a person. Then we have another individual, who has their share of problems. The things they do and the ways they do them may seem a bit unreasonable to us. This person submits a resume to Rhodes Island.

I know you're all eager to say 'we already have a lot of operators like that! Think for a minute how many things happen each and every day in the many cities of the world. Can we settle them all ourselves? When an operator subjectively plans an action that would harm Rhodes Island's ideas, that operator is immediately expelled. When an operator intentionally violates Rhodes Island's rules and regulations, that operator may be eliminated before they can cause material harm.

Even if! Even if the regulations are as they are, Rhodes Island has never once done such a thing, we have never seen such an action. Oh, not counting private wire connections. You can blame Closure for those! The adjudication of whether or not an operator is eligible is dependent on his will, not his rap sheet.

Rhodes Island has the ability to observe and study its operators while also maintaining its rules and regulations. At Rhodes Island, some operators are at last able to achieve what they'd always hoped to do. As long as we maintain contact with them, we will respect their choices, within reason, and never force them to act against their own will. Sometimes, when there remains no other choice, such a thing may come to pass.

I hope everyone understands this, just as they understand the Infected, and Rhodes Island's mission statement. For all candidates, the most important thing is to find them their place at Rhodes Island, and to acknowledge Rhodes Island. We must adhere to this in processing the applicants under this exchange agreement. Ah, of course, the Waai Fu girl we just approved is perfectly fine. The bumps in this road, whether mine or yours We will cross them together with our operators.

I don't want to lose you, Dad! Then catch me! How can I? You must be strong! But I can. In fact, I'll do it better than you ever could. I train harder than you. I'll be stronger than you. Latest Featured Content. Arknights: Should You Pull? Path of the Radiant: Nearl the Radiant Knight. Yu Kobayashi. Great Lungmen. Doctor, where are you going? Shouldn't you be working?

Well then, I'm coming along. There's a few things I want to buy, and I can protect you too. Sorry, Doctor, Rhodes Island is just a part-time job for me. I color coded all the documents to be sent out, the backups have already been delivered, your schedule is right here.

I bought your late night snack and put it in the refrigerator. Don't forget to heat it up. And last, oh, do you need me to change the light bulb in your office for you? Did I ever tell you about my other job? They have unique ears. We have all kinds of interesting and fascinating trivia from this year to share with you. Our series view count resets each month as to give you a rolling idea what is currently popular.

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Let's continue with the trivia. Rating 4. Rating 0. Members have the option to assign a violence rating to their favorite series. The series with the most characters is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 60 characters and the series with the fewest is Bungo Stray Dogs 3rd Season 1 characters. Most titles have at least 10 characters by their final episode.

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I hope you found this information interesting, and continue to explore ACDB to your hearts content. User Name Password. Family Tree Waai Fu is going out on a picnic with Nycre. Member Features Login or Register.

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ARKNIGHTS - WAAI FU IS GETTING PISSED NOW Code of Brawl Event playthrough part 5 Operation CB-5

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