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Emotional boss shouts at the interlocutor. Indoor, studio shot, isolated on gray background - Stock Photo & Image. By khosrork x px. Allow a minimum of 1 minute (maximum of 2 minutes) before moving on to the following questions. Interlocutor /. Candidates. Use as appropriate. Ask each. These interlocutor frames are designed to keep the test as close as possible to the standard A2 Key for Schools Speaking test in terms of structure and. WIRELESS GAMING MOUSE Each widget bookmarks and is an engineer with always visible in the. Forward an new backgrounds our steps of the. Newest Questions keeps crashing Question Search.

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Animated Graphics. YouTube Thumbnails. Youtube Intro Maker. YouTube Channel Art. The majority of the cash economy is undoubtably through women earning incomes in the informal economy. UN Women now requires the services of Project Interlocutors to support the implementation of its program in targeted locations.

This is role is locally based and requires applicants who reside in these locations. Duties and Responsibilities Under direct supervision of the Program Analyst and overall supervision of the Programme Specialist, the Project Interlocutor will be responsible for providing coordination and technical assistance through performing the following key tasks and delivery of the expected results:. Provide support for information gathering and data collection.

The duration of this assignment will be from 15 September to 30 December There is a possibility for extension. Work should begin from 1st of September upon signing of the contract. The following deliverables are expected from the Consultant to deliver noting that timeframes for delivery is not static and may change depending on changes within each project site. The consultant will develop a flexible workplan in consultation with the Programme team in Port Moresby.

The payment for each deliverable will be made upon the approval of UN Women of a FINAL version of monthly report capturing activities undertaken in that month. All the documents and materials utilized need to be returned to UN Women in electronic format. Any printed materials utilized to be referenced and returned. All materials are property of UN Women. The consultant is expected to provide their own stationary including printing supplies for the duration of this contract period.

The consultant will be responsible for arranging their own land transportation. A transport subsidy will be paid each month upon submission of the monthly deliverable. The Consultant will be required to provide their own local communications such as SIM cards and phone credits. UN Women will subsidise the costs at a set rate for communication per month which should be included in the detailed financial proposal. The Consultant is to be locally based and is expected to already be residing in that area, applicants who are not residing in the location will not be considered.

Accommodation costs cannot be included in the financial proposal. The consultant will be provided with a UN security briefing and will be required to follow UN security rules and guidance. The Consultant will arrange private insurance and the cost of which will be included in the financial proposal. A one-off establishment fee will be paid in the first month after submission of the inception report for procurement of stationary items and other costs for establishment of operations.

To enable you with your application submission, the requirements for the position can be accessed on the following site: www. Interested candidates are requested to submit electronic application to: recruitment unwomen. A two-stage procedure is utilised in evaluating the proposals, with evaluation of the technical proposal being completed prior to any price proposal being compared. The total number of points allocated for the technical qualification component is The technical qualification of the individual is evaluated based on following technical qualification evaluation criteria:.

The daily price proposal should indicate cost break down professional fees, communications, consumables during field related missions, etc. UN Women shall have no liability for taxes, duties or other similar charges payable by the Individual Contractor in respect of any amounts paid to the Individual Contractor under this Contract, and the Contractor acknowledges that UN Women will not issue any statements of earnings to the Individual contractor in respect of any such payments.

Travel is anticipated however will be covered by UN Women as and when needed. These costs cannot be included in the financial proposal. There is travel anticipated for the consultant, however DSA costs will be covered by UN Women and should not be included in the financial proposal.

The applicants are requested to submit their price proposals in PNG Kina. The financial proposal must be submitted in the form specified in the Annex I. I, the undersigned, offer to provide professional consulting services to UN Women within the scope of the referred Assignment. Having examined, understood and agreed to the Terms of Reference and its annexes, the receipt of which are hereby duly acknowledged, I, the undersigned, offer to deliver professional services, in conformity with the Terms of Reference.

Costs [1]. I confirm that my financial proposal will remain unchanged. I agree that my proposal shall remain binding upon me for the duration of the contract timeline i. Competencies Core Values and Guiding Principles. Required Skills and Experience Education.

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The idea of forming some music societies or band clubs appeared in the second part of the 19th century. Small bands were formed in little villages. Anyone could join them. As most participants could not afford to buy a musical instrument of their own, well-to-do villagers helped to pay for the instruments on the condition that the musicians would perform at their village feasts.

Many well-known musicians started their career in a local band club and performed at their village feasts. We went on a picnic. There were lots of people and it was great. And when is your birthday? How do you usually celebrate it? What present would you like to get for your next birthday? You have to talk for 1. The examiner will listen until you have finished. Once I travelled from London to Oxford. The buses are quite comfortable and you can buy a ticket when you are right on the bus.

Today we are going to see the most ancient part of the city. The historians say that some buildings there date back to the fifteenth century. I advise you to buy a group tour ticket as it will be cheaper per individual. Do not forget your cameras The card contains the most essential information about you, such as your name, the name of the school, the course you are taking.

This card is necessary if you want to borrow some books from the college library. Tickets for students are cheaper than for other passengers, but you need to have your card with you. The students of our school enjoy lots of privileges.

We also provide our students with six free hours of internet access for free. When you register for the exam, you need to fill in the form. Please write your first name and your last name in block letters. Your contact information should contain your address and your telephone number, so that we can contact you by phone.

Please, make sure that you come on time. Yes, I think so. I saw you at our welcome party at the college. Right, I was the guy who talked about the sports facilities in our campus. Oh, yes! You gave us lots of information about the college sports centre, and about facilities you have here for doing sports.

Yes, aerobics is very popular among girls. Aerobics classes are the earliest ones. We run them from seven am. From half past seven. But there are not too many people in the pool usually. Most people prefer cycling, football and basketball to swimming. You must be very good at all these sports. Where can I see you next time — on the football pitch or in the gym-hall? Not there. You are much more likely to see me in our computer club.

Browsing the internet, making web pages, chatting in forums. See you there then. You are an administrator in the language school. Can I help you? Tommy had a sore throat. Tomorrow your friends are going on a picnic, and you will stay at. B4 home. He reached for the bookshelf and took an old book with a picture B5 of a ship on the cover.

However, he opened the book. On their way to India they survived through storms and fought pirates. You and your English friend, an exchange student staying with your family, want to make lunch for your mother. You have four options. Discuss with your friend what to cook. Agree upon one of the options. Give a talk on learning English. Remember to discuss:. You will have to talk for 1. The examiner will listen until you. Task 2 3 — 4 minutes.

Your friend and you are asked to organize a special event during the Arts Week. You can choose from:. Discuss with your friend and choose the one you both would like to be. You have been on a tour to Great Britain. You have 4 hours before leaving for the airport. Discuss with your friend how to spend this time and choose one place you both would like to go to. Give a talk on mass media. The examiner will listen until you have finished.

Your friend and you are asked to organize a special event during the Arts Week for senior classes of your school. Discuss with your friend and choose the one you both would like to be responsible for. Remember to:. Warm up. Do you like going to school? What do you like doing in your free time? Let the student talk for 1. Ask only those questions which the student has not covered:.

Is it easy or difficult to learn English, why? Which is most important - grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, why? What do you prefer doing - listening, speaking, writing, reading, why? How could you improve your English? Finally, you should ask each student the following:. Task 2 minutes.

You are discussing what special event to organize during the Arts Week. So this. They are. We could invite some pop group and. I am sure that everyone has got an album with exciting pictures that will be. Note: Make sure all the options have been discussed. When discussing each option first use the information that is contrary to what the student says. You may choose to make use of some ideas only. How do you feel about it? Let the student talk for 2 — 2.

Ask only those questions which the student has not covered while giving a talk. What is your favourite TV programme? What other TV programmes do teenagers like watching? Should there be commercials on TV? What are the disadvantages of watching too much television? All of these ideas must be covered. Finally, you must ask each student the following question:.

Would you like to take part in a TV talk show? You and the student are discussing how to spend four hours you have before leaving for the airport. These are your ideas about each option:. The excursion may be boring. I guess parks look the same almost everywhere. What if the weather changes for the worse? English weather is so unpredictable. It sounds terrific! We may enjoy the sunny weather and have a nice time there.

We have already visited so many museums. I think it would be interesting to know what they are like here. The shops are usually crowded and I am tired of too many people around me. You know I just hate shopping. We could buy some more souvenirs. I like giving small gifts to my relatives and friends. We may try new foods. What about going to a tea shop? They are beautifully decorated. We could have delicious English tea there. Are mass media important to modern people?

How reliable are they in the presentation of information?

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